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birupes simoroxigorum

  1. Birupes "Arcturius" simoroxigorum

    Birupes "Arcturius" simoroxigorum

    My birupes simoroxigorum sling, using FE 90mm F2.8 Macro G OSS lens (compressed file)
  2. My Birupes simoroxigorum sling

    My Birupes simoroxigorum sling

    I named him/her Arcturius, the name was inspired from one of the most brightest stars in the galaxy :)
  3. Alternative Inverts

    Happy to join! Youtuber From UK

    Hey guys, Kieran here from Alternative Inverts Youtube! Happy to be here and can hopefully jump in on the fun and share some awesome pictures and breeding reports with you guys :) Picture: 0.1 Birupes simoroxigorum You can check out our videos here :) Www.youtube.com/alternativeinverts