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  1. Mugsy

    Is this G. Rosea sling?

    Hey guys I just wanna ask you if this is a Rosea sling? I bought this one last December and the seller (which is someone I know) told me that it was a B. Albicep sling. Just today he asked how was the first tarantula I bought from him and took a picture of it to show him. After that he replied...
  2. B

    US Looking for B. albiceps, A. purpurea, & B. auratum juveniles

    I've been trying to find Brachypelma albiceps for months now. 1/2" to 1 1/2" shipping to Dallas, Texas. Also willing to drive about 3 hours to pick up. I'm also looking for Brachypelma auratum & Avicularia purpurea, same size range. Any help is appreciated.