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adult male

  1. MattB78

    Male D.Panteloris available

    Stunning male available, looking for a mate!
  2. P

    Last Molt?

    My male Curly Hair, approximately 18 months old, molted last week and it looks like he has developed hooks on his front legs. Pics below, are these the hooks that indicate my boy has completed his last molt and is now mature?
  3. Tuca


    Aphonopelma Moderatum Male, sitting against his enclosure's heating pad.
  4. L

    Patch on carapace?

    My G. rosea Jude is a mature adult male. The ultimate molt happened a little over 2 years ago. I noticed this black patch on his carapace recently and I'm not sure if it's just hair that fell off because he's old or if it's a cause for concern? Let me know if you guys have seen this before.