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Recent content by Zanfe

  1. Zanfe

    Hi guys..

    Hi and welcome So many legs are my first go to out side of events. Followed by the spider shop.
  2. Zanfe

    Raising Roaches

    Have you tired smaller portions of fruit and veg? My own small (150ish)colony will eat like half /3'4ths of an apple slice a day. How you keeping them?
  3. Zanfe

    A genic MM wanted (UK)

    She huge. Good luck man hunting for her
  4. Zanfe

    What are your preferred feeders?

    Dubia roaches are my go to. Easy as I have a small colony of them. I wouldn't say I gut load mine as I feed then daily. Monday to friday they get fruit and vegetable. Sat and sunday a seed and oat mix. Monday carrot Tuesday banna/ figs Wednesday apple/cucumber / dates Thrusday tenderstem...
  5. Zanfe

    I love this description

    https://www.thespidershop.co.uk/grammostola-quiogai-p-4510.html#.Xjl6B1OnydM Is one of my favourites. Still not planning on getting a grammostola regardless how much you lot try tempting me with them
  6. Zanfe

    Old keeper back from retirement

    Hi, and welcome back. I'm sure you'll find your legs soon enough
  7. Zanfe

    Awesome A. geniculata feeding clip!!

    Reminds me of my lp. Nice clip tho
  8. Zanfe

    New to forum

    Welcome and feel free to ask questions many wise people here
  9. Zanfe

    Greetings and hailz!

    Hello and welcome
  10. Zanfe

    Who's molted today

    My new Mexico, t kahlenbergi (Gomez) molted yesterday and my account I dont have to rename him. Unless I'm missing something. So in a few years might have to find him a lady friend
  11. Zanfe

    Comment by 'Zanfe' in media 'B Auratum pair'

    Wonderful t's and luck
  12. Zanfe

    Seamus new member

    Welcome Get a mini bus?
  13. Zanfe

    New Spider mama

    Welcome and this is a friendly bunch
  14. Zanfe

    Comment by 'Zanfe' in media '20200127_223829.jpg'

    Sod law now says I get the one who dislikes webbing. But she has left trace web lines. Lights will have to wait for a while.
  15. Zanfe

    Comment by 'Zanfe' in media '20200127_223829.jpg'

    Thank you. I'm sure I enjoy her enclosure more than she does.