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  1. WolfSpider

    Is this true?

    I have 3 of them. Tom is spot on with husbandry recommendations. Each of them will raise their butts when spooked, but I have never seen a cartwheel. I wouldn't put it past them--my small sample size and all.
  2. WolfSpider

    HOW MANY Ts??

    Enn, you have some of the most eclectic species of us lot. I learn so much from you by just looking up some of your specimens!
  3. WolfSpider

    Comment by 'WolfSpider' in media 'Phormingochilus sp. Rufus - Ayu'

    Under-rated species Ennie.
  4. WolfSpider

    Comment by 'WolfSpider' in media 'Geolycosa gosoga'

    Dude! How many bugs do you have?
  5. WolfSpider

    Comment by 'WolfSpider' in media 'Hogna carolinensis'

    That's one bad mama jama!!!
  6. WolfSpider

    HOW MANY Ts??

    Don't sell yourself short, my friend. Thanks for carrying the message.
  7. WolfSpider

    New Arrivals

    "the spider formerly known as Prince": awesome!
  8. WolfSpider

    Comment by 'WolfSpider' in media 'Schizocosa maxima 'Giant schizocoa''

    Kinda similar in appearance too.
  9. WolfSpider

    HOW MANY Ts??

    What's wrong Casey...having trouble counting that high?
  10. WolfSpider

    HOW MANY Ts??

    I have a pretty good idea who amongst us has the most Ts. But, it would be nice to share your numbers--just for fun. I will start. Over 4 years, my addiction has steadily increased. But, for the past 2 years, I have reached a comfortable steady state for me: 30. I plan to keep 30...
  11. WolfSpider

    Here's hoping for a safe arrival

    "When it absolutely positively must be broken overnight" :cool:
  12. WolfSpider

    Here's hoping for a safe arrival

    ....and most important....the FedEx people don't toss around your package. Sadly, through experience, I no longer trust FedEx for inverts.
  13. WolfSpider

    Comment by 'WolfSpider' in media '20210425_222618.jpg'

    Get them both! :p
  14. WolfSpider

    Custom acrylic

    Well, I can't screw in a light bulb. Color me quite impressed!!!
  15. WolfSpider

    Comment by 'WolfSpider' in media 'AF T. Violaceus'

    Good luck, my friend. Curious: are all Tapi's out in about or am I just lucky?