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    How much/often do I feed my Brachypelma albopilosum?

    A spider that size is fine with a few meals a month. Keep the abdomen larger than the carapace and you're good to go. Handling spiders is never a good idea. They get nothing out of it but stress.
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    Alright, just never got why people who owned predatory animals could be so against vertabrate feeding.
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    Whats so different about a bird then a mouse? I do believe this particular bird was too big tho.
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    What kind of bird is that? Did you maim it at all? I used to feed baby sparrows that tried to take over my bird house. Cool video :)
  5. Venom2090

    Megaphobema robustum

    Anyone have a good idea as to how large these get? I heard 8" but don't want to get my hopes up.
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    Europe Tarantulas Glasgow current stocklist

    Kinda wanna live in Europe now haha
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    How much water do you give your terrestrial Ts?

    Add more ventilation. It's not tough with a soldering iron. Mold is overrated. And most "mold" that people talk about is a harmless slime mold. Almost always because of coco fiber. Even if there is some, just pick it out with tweezers. Just don't let it turn into a carpet.
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    How much water do you give your terrestrial Ts?

    B albopilosum appreciate some humidity as well btw. Closer to Lasiodora than most other Brachys.
  9. Poecilotheria subfusca

    Poecilotheria subfusca

    5.5-6" female.
  10. Avicularia sp Peru purple

    Avicularia sp Peru purple

    3" juvie. Waiting for those bands.. :)
  11. Venom2090

    Hi all! ..

    I'd recommend some serious research before you aquire another.
  12. Venom2090

    Hi all! ..

    It's dying. Give it a water dish asap. They need to drink. Doesn't look like you're doing it any favors anymore. Give it a cage with deep moist sub and see what it does from there. It's likely a burrowed.
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    Can I overfeed my tarantula?

    Don't feed it as much as it will take. I remember your spiders a sling. Correct me if I'm wrong. Cut down feedings to a few times a week at most.
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    Avicularia avicularia morphotype #6

    Really? They're unsure about metallica now? Damn.
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    Best first pokie?

    Subfusca Highland. My metallica is the meanest pokie I own.