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I started keeping tarantulas about 2 yrs ago with an Avic Avic for my first. She is fully grown now, I believe. She's my queen of tarantulas. Then, I had a P. Metallica. She passed away suddenly after a year of having her. She was gorgeous. . Then I brought home our next two, A. Seemanni and a T. Albopilosus. They're my first terrestrial T's. They have been with us for a year now. Most recently, just a couple months ago I home an A. Geniculata (Brazilian White Knee). Love her terrium the best currently. Next on my list is a Caribena versicolor (Antilles pink toe) and another p. metallica or regalis. I'm just here to learn and research more about my 8 legged puppy friends (what I call my T's) and love on some pics of others tarantulas!
January 14
Cleveland OH
Spooder keeper


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