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  1. Tomoran

    But what is it?

    Wow, what an awesome find...congrats! I need to start buying more bananas apparently. :)
  2. Tomoran

    Genius tarantulas?

    Hey, Stan. First of all, HUGE respect for you and what you've done for the community. I've been eagerly awaiting the newest edition of this book for YEARS, and I was just commenting to my wife the other night that I hoped that you hadn't abandoned the project. When I noticed this post, I...
  3. Tomoran

    When should i be concerned

    Hello! It can sometimes take them a while to settle in. Did you provide it with a hide and a starter burrow? I know that there are care guides out there that say you don't have to offer fossorial species burrows because they will make their own, but I've found that most will start digging much...
  4. Tomoran

    Arboreal feeding?

    I just mention it as I've seen folks on other boards tell people that they will always find it on the ground, and there are those exceptions.
  5. Tomoran

    Arboreal feeding?

    Bahahaha! It's the bane of my existence. And mine learns my habits, so it's always trying to correct words that begin with 'f' with...well, you can figure it out.
  6. Tomoran

    Arboreal feeding?

    * runner, not RUBBER. Flipping auto correct on my phone. :)
  7. Tomoran

    Arboreal feeding?

    When my old female was a sling, she wouldn't come down to hunt on the ground. I had her in one of the Amac boxes, and I would take the cap off, lay it on its side, and place a maimed red rubber nymph at the mouth of her web tube. She would usually run out to get it. After a while, she would...
  8. Tomoran

    New to Slings

    I created a sling guide a few years ago that you might find helpful (there is also a two part video version). Pehaps it will be helpful! SLING GUIDE Good luck! Growing them up from spiderlings is super rewarding.
  9. Tomoran

    Soil help for c. Lividum

    Hello! With those ingredients, I usually do about a 40/40/20 mix (top soil/coco fiber/vermiculite. You can also substitute shredded sphagnum moss for the vermiculite for a more natural look, or use both. You don't have to use those exact ratios - that's more of an estimate - and you can play...
  10. Tomoran

    Freak Accident

    Awwww man...I'm so very sorry to hear about this. Accidents DO happen (I dropped an enclosure recently when moving, but I was lucky that the spider wasn't harmed), and it sounds like that's all this was. And it truly sucks to lose one of the slow-growing ones after spending so long growing them...
  11. Tomoran

    Traveling with a Tarantula in Pre-molt?

    Hey, Emster. Congrats on the move! If it's just a 7-8 hour drive, you should be fine. What type of enclosure is it in? Try to secure the enclosure well and make sure that there is nothing in it that could fall or injure the spider. You could always pack it a bit with some moist sphagnum moss. If...
  12. Tomoran

    How widespread is cricket shortage?

    I just picked up a box of 1000 of them today from my local pet store. The owner has been consistently getting them in without issue. So far, it hasn't been an issue here. Fingers crossed that it remains that way.
  13. Tomoran

    Enclosure too big?

    I agree with timc; I think that the enclosure she is in is just fine for now for that species.
  14. Tomoran

    Best webbers for beginners?

    I have to agree with C. cyaneopubescens, Hapalopus sp. Colombia large, and N. incei. I would add D. diamantinensis to the list as well. They are smaller species that bears some resemblance to the GBB, and they web a whole lot. They are also quite pretty, too. :)
  15. Tomoran

    Is this normal or dangerous?

    Hey, Tim...thank you so much!