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  1. timc

    Even the mom and pop stores don't care.

    Pet store manager, what’s happening? Yeah if you could just go ahead and…add some more substrate, that would be great.
  2. timc

    Even the mom and pop stores don't care.

    Nah OP def be like
  3. timc

    Fear Not Tarantulas Full Package

    I presently have a B. klassi and N. chromatus that we’re raised in FNT’s “complete packages” and they worked very well. They’re great for convenience sake, really takes all the guess work out and sometimes it’s nice to not have to track down enclosures and substrate separately. I’d buy it again.
  4. timc

    Just got a sling

    2 oz. deli cup, slightly moist substrate, little piece of cork bark for a hide if that’s convenient, water dish if you like, cut up worms, prekilled small crickets they’ll really eat almost anything and will readily scavenge at that size. Easy peasy. Seriously. I have a harder time keeping...
  5. timc

    Avoid MyHomeNature!

    I ran across that site a couple years ago and they had an outstanding selection, but the whole shipping across the pacific scared me off. I wasn’t even sure they were a legitimate website to be honest. Sorry to hear shipping didn’t go well. The chances we take…
  6. timc

    Even the mom and pop stores don't care.

    Unfortunately her goal is to sell the spiders, not give them optimal care. If she gives them enough substrate to burrow what kind of selling point is “Hey trade your money for this deli cup of dirt!”? It’s not best for the animals, but most pet store conditions aren’t. I usually just tell myself...
  7. timc

    Molting questions

    I really can’t tell from the picture but it really could be neither. It’s definitely not mealworm babies, unless you had a couple of beetles running around in there, and I’d be really surprised if it were fruit fly larvae, they look awful big for that. Are your enclosures kept on the wetter...
  8. timc

    Rainbow collection

    There’s some interesting choices for green, such as P. rufilata, P. cambrigei, A. aurantiaca, N. incei, but these are mostly dark forest greens and olives. If you want a real bright green that pops you need Phormictopus sp. full green. You will also need to redo your budget for that month...
  9. timc

    Who's molted today

    A. aurantiaca two days ago and B. hamorii yesterday. Been waiting a long time of that Avic too…
  10. timc

    Need suggestions for juvenile enclosures

    If you’re talking about terrestrials I think kritter keepers work pretty well for juveniles. They might not be the most attractive enclosure in the world but they’re inexpensive, clear and perfectly functional. Most of my collection is in them because I’m not the richest man in the world and my...
  11. timc

    Ornithoctoninae hon sel

    Yeah, that genus is under that family so I’d imagine pretty similar. Moisture dependent, not very friendly and all that fun stuff. You planning on getting one? They’re pretty new to the hobby so that could be pretty exciting.
  12. timc

    Who's molted today

    T. vagans molted over night. The red on the abdomen is really popping now.
  13. timc

    Ornithoctoninae hon sel

    I’ve done exactly 0 research on this species but from what I’ve read about the Ornitoctoninae that have been coming into the hobby (this family will probably be revised before long and separated into different genus) is that during the day they live inside their cork tubes, even going so far as...
  14. timc

    Timc’s Tarantulas

    It’s not very often my Nhandu chromatus stays out when come in the room and turn on the light so I had to snap a couple pictures to share! Hope everyone enjoys!
  15. timc

    Wound on abdomen - s. santa catalina

    Yup your spider isn’t wounded, but may very well be annoyed lol