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  1. timc

    Feeding mealworms

    Mealworms will definitely burry themselves if not prekilled. If you don’t want to prekill and can’t do roaches (i’m In the same boat) crickets probably really are the best route.
  2. timc

    Who's molted today

    pterinopelma sazimai molted today...and grew like, a little bit. Kinda. I guess. Maybe.
  3. timc

    Who's molted today

    Over the last week (in attempted chronological order) K. brunnipes, A. chalchodes #1 & #2, and found B. klassi in the act this evening.
  4. timc

    Is this possible?

    Wax worms are very soft and can be a little messy for our Ts. Kinda like you gave them the spider equivalent of ribs with extra BBQ sauce. Little gal probably needs a napkin lol
  5. timc

    QotW: Favorite Genus

    Lol fair. I think that revision they did a couple years ago only made things worse.
  6. timc

    Novice tarantula owner worried about spider

    Don’t worry. These guys are excruciatingly slow growing. At that size it wouldn’t surprise me to hear her being in premolt for 6 months or more.
  7. timc

    QotW: Favorite Genus

    I was waiting for someone to say phormictopus or pamphobeteus. The two most messed up genera in the whole hobby lol
  8. timc

    QotW: Favorite Genus

    Had a crazy couple of weeks so didn’t have time to start these threads but we’re back! So this week, I would like to hear everyone’s favorite genus, and why? Color, temperament, ease or difficulty of care, size, I’m curious how we all arrive at the types of tarantulas we love. I’m going to...
  9. timc

    New additions

    No such thing as overkill with OWs bro, I completely understand. Feeding time with my OBT involves 3 catch cups lol.
  10. timc

    My newly decorated enclosure!

    Very nice. What’s going in there? And don’t be mad if it doesn’t look like that for long :T:
  11. timc

    Timc’s Tarantulas

    First successful photo of B. boehmei B. klassi debating just how in premolt she is lol B. smithi got a new home today! And a nice treat for being such a good girl during rehousing And lastly, the best picture i’ll probably ever be able to get of C. darlingi. Hope everyone enjoys!
  12. timc

    New additions

    I’ve always said you never understand OW speed until you see it. It all looks fast on video, but then you see it in person and you’re like “well, this is what everyone was talking about” lol. What size(s) are they? I’d love to see some baby pictures!
  13. timc

    Help! I fed my avic. metallica directly after her molt!

    A good trick is to put something your feeder will eat in the opposite corner of where the spider lives (burrow, web etc..) and before long the feeder insect will come over to eat, making it much easier to remove. I used to be one of those keepers that worried a lot about “disturbing their web”...
  14. timc

    Zoomed reptisoil

    Does anyone have any experience with Zoomed Reptisoil as substrate? Like a total goof I grabbed it without looking thinking it was just cocofiber but when I got home I realized my mistake. I’m sure it’s fine and i’ve read about a few other keepers using it successfully, but it advertises carbon...
  15. timc

    Jamie’s Arboreal enclosures

    I’ve met Anastasia at the Hamburg reptile show a handful of times (she would probably not remember me lol) but her service is excellent. Great person to talk tarantulas with. Her table is always packed.