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    Tarantula nicknames

    It depends on what’s happening...if they take a cricket with gusto it’s “good girl” or “big momma” or something like that. If they’re giving me trouble with cleaning or a rehouse it’s usually curse words lol
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    advice needed for a tiny brachypelma emilia sling. i'm a beginner.

    I know it’s not as exciting but when I have babies that small I usually just give them large cricket legs to munch on. Dubia aren’t always available where I live and sometimes I don’t feel like paying for worms, so legs they get. I’ve never had anyone refuse them either.
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    Is something wrong with my tarantula?

    I agree with everyone else that the wood chips are not a good substrate, but please wait a while now before changing it out. Molting is one of the most stressful things a tarantula naturally does and a rehouse will only add to that. Just make sure water is available and (s)he’ll make it until...
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    Time for GBB Chromatopelma

    My girl is not very friendly and rehousings we’re more like an OBT than a Brachypelma, that just might be her though. Otherwise, probably my favorite spider considering the webbing, feeding response and general quirkiness. Plus they are the most beautiful tarantula from sling to adulthood in...
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    Opinions on the Invert Community(cons and pros)

    Pro: No one ever wants to come over my house so my girlfriend and I never have to freak out clean for company. It’s nice.
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    Ever watched your T move dirt?

    That's all my G. pulchripes ever does. If the sub looks the same two days in a row I'll probably get worried!
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    purchased 2 pokies!

    Congrats. Get ready to redefine fast!
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    New molts

    Nice. Gotta love the frustration when trying to confirm the sex. The struggle is real my friend.
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    What is wrong with this video...

    @kormath and yeah...have sponges for all of your bacterial needs. Where else would a spider get sick?
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    B.auratum won't come down???

    Awesome. Sometimes the little stinkers are hard to gauge. You can be doing everything right and they'll find something to not like. I'm glad the little guy/gal is getting comfortable, sometimes a little peace, quiet and darkness can do better than our best care. And sometimes vice versa. Let us...
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    What is wrong with this video...

    Lol I had a diversipes do two laps around the bath tub today, so yes, you should hold all the avics because they're not pokieso_O and I think if my species had evolved for millennia in the Sahara I'd still prefer coco fiber lol
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    Happy anniversary, Falcon

    And many more!
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    T Molting Support Group for Noobs*

    My B. albopilosum molted late last night. I hadn't had a molt since November and I get two yesterday! The albo looks to be close to two inches and my diversipes seems to have even beat that! Somebody is gonna need a new enclosure.
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    RIP Cayenne

    Aww I'm sorry you lost the little fella.
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    What is wrong with this video...

    Lol I think the better question is what is right about this video. From the handling to the sponge recommendation to no hide in the enclosure he took the aphonopelma out of, which I believe was sitting on sand. Holy moses this video should just be taken down. The only thing he got right was...