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    Keeping Crickets.

    Superworms and mealworms breed relatively quickly, but they bury. If the Tarantula doen't get it, it could bury, and be a problem to your tarantula.
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    Keeping Crickets.

    The bug boxes are a scam. The ones I buy only have 10 crickets.
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    Has anyone bought this before?

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    Loaning out MM curly hair.

    Does anyone want it? PM me for a deal.
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    U.K. Small tarantula list *All Reduced*

    When I visited Arizona, the pet store sold the Aphonopelma Chalcodes for 50$ when you could find one outside...
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    US FS: slings and juvies: G. pulchipres, B. hamorii (male), B. albo, N. coloratovillosus + more

    Do you have any reviews? The prices look too good to be true...:)
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    balfouri breeding tips?

    M. Balfouri is a communal species so there should be no reason to worry about the male getting eaten. And about breeding two males with a female, I've seen many vendors sell reverse trio breeding groups, so presumably, it would be best to get two males and 1 female. But I'm quite new to this...
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    My curly hair tarantula matured out to a male. I had my fingers crossed that it would be a female :(
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    Molting or ... dying?! Help!

    The reason your t was stuck to the tank was that it needs to flip over in either to molt, and it happened to use the glass to help it.
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    US Looking for young female GBB

    Pinchers and pokies, swifts inverts
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    My T diarrhead on me.

    Is that normal. Like a defence mechanism?
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    l parahybana sexing and age

    Less than two years old. Since LPs are fast growers. To sex, it, post a picture of its molt on this forum and experienced members like @Phil, Kaden Alexander or some other members will help you.
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    What spider is this?

    I'm guessing some sort of huntsman spider. It looks nice, so keep it! :)
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    My T diarrhead on me.

    I was rehousing my pinktoe, when it squirted water at me. The water had whitish chunks. :o
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    Keeping Crickets.

    I prefer red runners over Dubia because Dubia roaches would sometimes play dead or bury.