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    Pumpkin Patch Enclosure - Just Sharing

    She hasn’t been in it long, and i haven’t seen her go into the hide yet, but she has been hanging out right next to it every time i look.
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    Pumpkin Patch Enclosure - Just Sharing

    Just sharing a simple little enclosure i set up for one of my H. sp. colombia large girls because i’m kinda proud of the pumpkin hide i made. LOL Bonus picture of her on just the hide before i set things up.
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    US For Sale - Shane’s Spiders

    Hello, i’m thinning out my hold backs and letting go of a bunch of sexed females, so i thought i’d just share here. Below is a list of the ladies (there are many other tarantulas available as well). For pricing and to place an order, please go through my website. ShanesSpiders.com With any...
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    Question about sexing—

    i haven’t logged in in a while… Yes. i bought a digital microscope off amazon with a built in screen. (cost about 100 bucks at the time of purchase) While there is biologically no minimum age/size that i’m aware of, fine motot skills, identification skills, and the quality of equiptment...
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    US For Sale - April special

    April sale oing on now: 25% off 5 different species (and of course we still have lots of other every day deals too) April2022 during checkout at ShanesSpiders.com applies to slings of the following: C. versicolor D. diamantinensis H. pulchripes H. longipes P. sazimai
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    US March Sale

    Just wanted to share our March sale. Good till the end of the month. Use code Mar2022 (min $50 purchase before shipping) during checkout at ShanesSpiders.com to get $10 off slings of the following species: P. pulcher P. victori P. murinus T. cupreus Many other every day deals on several...
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    US Tarantula trees

    Several more colors and a handful of thr larger sizes have been added this week. We also have a handful of our Poop hide Design available as well.
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    US Tarantula trees

    Tree shaped Tarantula hides are now available at Shane’s Spiders. (ShanesSpiders.com) Currently only smalls in stock (varying colors) but we are working to make more sizes, and styles, so please check the website for exact availability. Our small size is perfectly scaled to fit into a 40 or 50...
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    US Oursapoil - Positive review

    Sorta late getting this up, but i wanted to post a positive review for Oursapoil. They had a mature maleni wanted and we were able to work out a mutually agreeable trade. Communication was prompt and clear, Shipping dates were given in advance and followed through, and packaging was good. The...
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    US Shane's Spiders

    I forgot the link to the actual website... (facepalm) ShanesSpiders.com
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    US Shane's Spiders

    Good morning, Just wanted to spotlight a few species I have available. Resellers feel free to inquire about 10x group pricing (or larger group mix and match) will also do a smaller discount on 3-5x groups or larger mix and match for hobbyists who don't want 10+ of each Best Contact methods...
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    Question Regarding Adult Female Size of C. olivaceum in Inches

    I’m unsure. Haven’t really had experience with the species.
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    US collection reduction

    *ATM Also, most my stuff is all visible at ShanesSpiders.com if you want to consider a trade.
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    US collection reduction

    Guessing its a no bit i’m gonna ask anyway. Any interest in a trade for the E. cyanagnothas and D. diamantinensis girls. I’m about to get hit with a big tax/accountant bill so i cant swing thr cash AT’. :(