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    I had a pleasant transaction with them last year. No issues.
  2. ThatGuy83

    A purpurea better photo sexing

    wait until it molts and examine the exuviae in order to determine the sex
  3. ThatGuy83

    RIP P. Metallica 001

    wow no death curl? thats rough. sorry
  4. ThatGuy83

    T ID

    I got this as a 1.25" sling back in June from a reputable vendor. It was sold to me as a Tliltocatl verdezi and was mostly brown but after its most recent molt it gained a lot of color. Now I'm not so sure it's a verdezi. What do you think?
  5. ThatGuy83

    03Arachnids Pre-Import - Order and Received Dates

    I ordered on Aug 1st. Wow you've been waiting since may? Since they are so under water with orders you would think they would either stop taking orders or hire someone to help them catch up.
  6. ThatGuy83

    GBB - how long between molts?

    usually bald spots are due to stress and flicking hairs. Usually, when they are getting ready to molt, the abdomen will swell and turn dark and shiny. Though, my GBB sling who just molted didnt have a dark and shiny abdomen. So it was a bit of a surprise. The time between this last molt was 78...
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    Comment by 'ThatGuy83' in media '20200825_161254.jpg'

    those always make me think of Harry and the Hendersons.
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    US Euathlus sp red (Chilean Flame Dwarf)

    03Arachnids just put some 2" juvies on their website yesterday.
  9. ThatGuy83

    Help! I fed my avic. metallica directly after her molt!

    I would be more worried about the roach munching on the spider. I've noticed they usually wont take any food until they are ready.
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    ThatGuy83's T's

    Lame auto correct. It's supposed to be my horde not horse.
  11. ThatGuy83

    ThatGuy83's T's

    My tiny horse. My largest is a 3" B. emilia
  12. IMG_20200506_142444.jpg


    Leon and Yoda "The Squealing Cat"
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    Comment by 'ThatGuy83' in media '20200731_215552.jpg'

    Liam is weird name for a cat :T: