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Tgotty90's latest activity

  • Tgotty90
    Tgotty90 reacted to m0lsx's comment on media item H.chilensis with Like Like.
    I have not even had my two for a year yet. o_O:eek: But they are now slowly approaching 0.5 cm's..
  • Tgotty90
    Tgotty90 reacted to Phil's comment on media item H.chilensis with Like Like.
    that's exactly the same point in time that mine showed some colour. Slow doesn't even come close to describing growth rate. I think mine...
  • Tgotty90
    Tgotty90 added the media item H.chilensis to Gotty's Ts.
    My little H.chilensis just molted recently and is starting to show some color finally after 3 years.