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  1. Taraspatula

    Worried T Mom

    My C. Versicolor set up with the cross ventilation. Still a baby but when Cari grows I’ll take out more of the substrate and more of the wood will be exposed but Carry definitely likes the ventilation.
  2. Taraspatula

    Worried T Mom

    Although hard plastic it is still plastic. When creating the ventilation I would recommend anything sharp and small that you can heat up to poke tiny holes. Literally just take maybe a (large needle, small screw driver, paper clip, etc.) make sure it's not going to create a big enough hole for...
  3. Taraspatula

    US Large list

    I just want to take the time to say both of you guys are blessed. To argue over something silly and me having time to respond when there are others out there that can't even get clean water. Have a blessed day P.S. I have seen multiple people do what @lailaq did. Just look at the recent post...
  4. Taraspatula

    Fresh Stirmi Moult

    What’s the verdict guys? Since it was my first time I probably did a bad job of rehydrating and separating the moult but I hope these images are enough. What are some recommendations for preserving or dissecting moult? For next time Thanks for taking out the time to read my post :T:
  5. Taraspatula

    Goliath Bird Eater Handling

    Like everyone else above me I wouldn't suggest you handle them but I have seen some being handled 90% with gloves. So if you must show how big your privates are WEAR GLOVES.
  6. Taraspatula

    Any NBA fans here?

    I've lived most of my life in southern california so you should be able to guess my favorite team :p
  7. Taraspatula

    Brand new to hobby

    Hi my name is Taraspatula "Hi, Taraspatula". I too am a newbie but have become a Tarantulaholic. It went from 1 to 8 in 2 months and I can definitely say that these guys sitting around us in this forum have helped me with my addiction. WELCOME :D
  8. Taraspatula

    M Balfouri Assistance

    Yeah, definitely a learning experience sucks I paid 100$ a piece. Hopefully the two males don't eat one another.
  9. Taraspatula

    M Balfouri Assistance

    UPDATE: Unfortunate news... first loss, my suspected female ate one of the suspected males! It definitely has to do with territory because I fed them so many crickets and they ate them all. The female created her webbing in the log and I guess a male tried to enter and just got killed. I’m...
  10. Taraspatula

    M Balfouri Assistance

    Exactly what @MrKrowe, the guys I bought were from the same vendor at repticon but I forgot to ask if they were sacmates. I just assumed due to them being same size and he had about 8 of them. I wished I had enough monies to have bought all of them.
  11. Taraspatula

    M Balfouri Assistance

    Should be fine TBH mine are about 3” and I just put them all together and they have been fine SO FAR.
  12. Taraspatula

    US Monocentropus balfouri

    Where are you located? I'd be interested if local.
  13. Taraspatula

    M Balfouri Assistance

    @MrKrowe sweet just bought out two in there I’ll update with pictures when they are settled! One of the two I bought yesterday grabbed 2 crickets and ate instantly. When I told the person at the booth about that he was surprised that they ate and adjusted so quickly. Also, one of them seems to...