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  1. syzygy

    Is PetCenterUSA gone?

    ...just WOW. I knew he'd been doing the BOGO and assumed he was trying to reduce inventory, but had no idea it was something like this. I'm kicking myself now for not pulling the trigger on the B. baumgarteni he had.
  2. syzygy

    Is PetCenterUSA gone?

    I did a forum search and didn't see any info about this. The PCUSA website seems to show zero stock. Anybody know if Paul is getting out of the trade or if they are just down while doing a website upgrade or something?
  3. syzygy

    BOGO sale

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I notice that Paul at PetCenter is having a BOGO sale on about 10 different T's and thought it might be of interest to the group. It's not just the low cost commons either...B.baumgarteni, M.robustum, P.sazimai and a few others including...
  4. syzygy

    Hi everyone! :)

    Welcome to forum! Since your first T is arriving next week it would be a good idea to post a pic of the habitat you will house her in. You will be able to get feedback and make changes (if needed) before she even arrives. On an aside, what the heck is wrong with us! This forum has been...
  5. syzygy

    Finally have a male lat...how much longer now?

    Quick update....some good, some bad One the good side my little ooth boats are working fantastic and I have a bunch of little ones On the downside I had a die off a few weeks ago that seemed to only affect my females. They had food and water so not sure what that was about. Also I rehoused my...
  6. syzygy

    Mug shots

    Small world. I live right off of Hwy79. I'm just at the far other end in Round Rock.
  7. syzygy

    Mug shots

    My immediate reaction to that was 'I'm not a "gent"...I'm from Texas'. I guess it sounds like a European term to me.
  8. syzygy

    Mug shots

    OK....I'll play long with "mug shot Avatar November"
  9. syzygy


    First, you should let a T have a week after a molt before trying to feed. They need to get comfortable in their new skin and they need their fangs to fully harden up again. Second, T's will sometimes just not eat for a while. I have a pair of curly hair slings that i was recently...
  10. syzygy

    Finally have a male lat...how much longer now?

    The adult lats are on a thin layer of coco fiber. Every couple weeks I rotate to a new container with new egg crate to try and minimize smell. I was spraying the coco fiber to keep it moist but stopped doing that...also to reduce smell. They don't seem to mind it being dry so long as they...
  11. syzygy

    Emilia vs Smithi...

    Like other have said, the temperament between any two individuals within these species can vary but are overall so similar that it wouldn't be possible I think to make a species specific generalization. Both are fantastic Ts and you cannot go wrong either way. Base the choice on your size...
  12. syzygy

    Finally have a male lat...how much longer now?

    I am consistently having 7 or 8 ooths hatch per week and really 2 per week would be a more reasonable rate for my T population. I think I need to cut my adult population down to about 3M and 6F. That combined with the house being a couple degrees cooler for the next few months should help...
  13. syzygy

    Jamie's Tarantulas

    I've never ordered from Jamie's but was looking at some things the other day and noticed that their standard shipping schedule is a bit different. Orders place Wed-Friday ship the following Monday, orders placed Sat or Sunday ship on Tues and orders placed Mon or Tues ship on Wed. Sounds like...
  14. syzygy

    Help please. Identification help would be appreciated.

    Going to agree with SD61. I have a couple P.muticus and I don't remember them ever looking like that. Just looks like they printed their labels wrong. Not surprising...Petsmart starting selling live aquarium plants a few years back and the scientific names were often wrong. I want to be...
  15. syzygy

    Hi Guys! :) need help please!!!

    Post some pics and surely somebody here can confirm the species. There are a few that match your general description. Were the T's brought in together in the same terrarium or were two separate T's brought in and then put together? Very few species will co-habitate. Sex is much harder to...