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    Comment by 'SpiderPsycho' in media 'Phidippus tux'

    How big are AFs
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    Comment by 'SpiderPsycho' in media 'Rainbow grasshopper nymph'

    What enclosure do you use for a colony. I imagine it would have to be quite big. I remember seeing the Florida grasshopper and they were huge as adults.
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    Comment by 'SpiderPsycho' in media 'sosippus californicus'

    I was always fascinated with the funnel web wolf spiders. I was gonna get some from Florida but decided not too. You breeding?
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    Comment by 'SpiderPsycho' in media 'Trap-jaw ant'

    I think there semi-claustral
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    Comment by 'SpiderPsycho' in media 'Trap-jaw ant'

    Formiculture probably has some old threads
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    Comment by 'SpiderPsycho' in media 'Trap-jaw ant'

    You found a queen lucky. You keeping it
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    US Macrothele phago male for loan

    My macrothele phago male has matured about two weeks ago. I’m looking for a 50/50 loan. I’m prefer local pickup but am willing to ship although I have never done that before. I’m in New York won’t be back till Sunday I really don’t want to see this species die in the hobby they are incredibly...