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Recent content by Seamus

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    Substrate settles down?

    I use a mixture of coco fiber, spiderlife, vermiculite and sphagnum moss and all my ts seem to be happy enough with no packing down or shrinkage
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    Hi welcome to our tarantula family
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    B. Vagans

    Hi looking like its going into pretty molt if not eating just make sure it has water available
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    Welcome to Tarantula Forum!

    Welcome to the family :T: :)
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    Who's molted today

    Thats exactly what my avic avic sling did
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    Who's molted today

    Finally after 18 hours my female B Klassi has molted
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    Who's molted today

    Hi guys just got in from work to find my female B Klassi on her back. She was already a big girl can't wait to see her new colours will post pics once moulted
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    New-ish keeper!

    Nice collection welcome to our family :T: :)
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    New from UK

    Welcome to our family :T: :)
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    Who's molted today

    Freshly moulted n chromatus female
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    Good day, bad day

    :D:D:D:D:D:D:D congratulations just hope @Phil doesn't see this thread he might have a dig at you
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    Do I sell my males?

    Depending on what males you have andy at so many legs is after males to buy or exchange for the same amount
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    Good day, bad day

    3 days doesn't sound good is there any sign of movement