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  1. sdsnybny

    Sdsnybny's breeding success

    Really loving this one.....22 more days cant get here soon enough. Avicularia purpurea! Paired 10/4/19 found 10/30/19
  2. sdsnybny

    I am a crazy noob...

    Always....love to share the hobby. Your welcome to come see my collection anytime. (as soon as I am over this damn cold!)
  3. sdsnybny

    US Looking for Scolopendra gigantea

    Adam Erickson may still have some, hit him up on FB Erickson Exotics
  4. sdsnybny

    October photo contest entries

    Haplopelma?? shouldnt it be Holothele?
  5. sdsnybny

    Many new additions coming soon.

    I figured that when you posted "at least 10"
  6. sdsnybny

    Sdsnybny's breeding success

    My Psalmopoeus cambridgei double clutched
  7. sdsnybny

    H. gabonensis and H. villosella enclosures

    This exact tank with no divider that i got of CL for $3ea brand new. I used a magnetic latch to keep the lid snug. Anything in this size range will work. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Penn-Plax-BBT3-Betta-Bow-Front-Double-Tank-Kit-Boxed/10450861
  8. sdsnybny

    H. gabonensis and H. villosella enclosures

    The adult females barely get 2-2.25" so both mine are in Beta fish tanks with about 1-2" of sub and a small diameter cork tube to web in, on and around. they are a very heavy weber. I took out the water dish as it was futile. she webbed it in overnight and every drop of water wicked out of it...
  9. sdsnybny

    Who's molted today???

    0.1.0 Euathlus sp Parda
  10. sdsnybny

    US Pamphobeteus species _ Gorgeous babies/juvies!

    @Casey K. Adult female P. sp‘Mascara’ ^^^
  11. sdsnybny

    Who's molted today???

    Yeah, even my adult female is skittish