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    May 2020 photo competition entries.

    Scolopendra sp "mint leg" 7"
  2. sdsnybny

    A slightly in-depth guide to tarantula anatomy and taxonomic terms

    Whats going on none of the images work?
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    Brachypelma boehmei sex?

    Yes, Female., I can see the spermathecae in the pic
  4. sdsnybny

    Need help identifying one of my Tarantulas

    I believe I see the starting of a Mirror patch on the abdomen something Aphonopelma do not have.
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    Need help identifying one of my Tarantulas

    Looks like a Grammostola sp, especially as slow as its grown in 4 yrs. Cant tell from the pic its still to young for positive ID.
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    Arachnoclown's tarantula room and enclosures

    Looks good Kenny. I'm going to be busy soon as well
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    Nhandu coloratovillosus

    I had an i hirsutum go over 600 days between double clutching but the second sac was bad dried black rock like eggs. The female still hasnt molted, over 900 days and counting. Her MM is tired of waiting.
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    Nhandu coloratovillosus

    They can hold sperm till its time to make the sac, like others have said let her hold it for 25-30 days, keep the sub on the other end damp, disturb her as little as possible, put enclosure in a quite area, stop feeding till after you fight her for the sac.
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    LOL those were 1.5 yrs ago and yes I believe you got some of the P. cambridgei's in them
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    You can buy smaller amounts off of Amazon 40 dram https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00AM1YKTY/?tag=exoticpetnetw-20
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    Typically 40-50 dram vials work the best they are @1.75" diameter by 3-3.5" tall. Pic is of 40 dram
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    Today's Auction Score

    Therte is plenty of front ventilation, look at the strip right below the doors it goes inside right under the doors. I have about 12 of the Exo terra versions all with adult Arboreal T's in them. the flow from lower bottom front to upper top is great cross ventilation