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    First-time keeper, any advice or information please?

    Your water dish looks like a milk jug cap. If this is so, then your B smithi is well beyond 18 months at that size, it is likely 3-6 years already. But no worries as females can live nearly 30 years and males( depending on mature molt date) up to 12. I keep my adult female in a10gal tank, and...
  2. Scoolman

    What're your guesses??

    I am seeing male also
  3. Scoolman

    Slings? Juvis?

  4. Scoolman

    55 gallons...

    L parahybana would be great, but the height is excessive for this species. You would need to fill half of the height with substrate.
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    May be preparing to molt. 4 weeks with no food is a drop in the bucket for a tarantula. Add long as the abdomen is plump it will be fine.
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    I have not been on AB in months, might be years now, not sure.
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    55 gallons...

    Theraphosa stirmi. ThThis is a living vivarium.
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    Member signiture modifications

    I am not seeing your signature line. Did you decide not to use it?
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    Feeding/eating question

    Perfectly normal. The larger the prey the longer it takes them to eat it. A 12 hour meal is not uncommon. If duia are too cute to feed off, then hissers are definitely not a better substitute. They hiss so loudly when impaled by the fangs they almost sounds like they are squealing.
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    Funny Story

    That's great. Tarantulas are known to scavenge fresh meat.
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    Help, my tarantula is acting wierd, she puts her ass up.

    This is a defensive posture to look bigger to a potential threat. Normal behavior.
  12. Scoolman

    Tarantula Forum App?

    The forum works very well on mobile devices, even without taptalk
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    Sex of my LP if possible?

    I see female
  14. Scoolman

    I have an enclosure question

    A sling that size can squeeze out of a typical kritter keeper lid.