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    New favorite?

    Fimbriatus is best Chilobrachys without doubt :)
  2. Rs50matt

    Ferret Help (Desperate!)

    What ilovebrachys is trying to say is the female is being dominated and feeling frustrated. She cannot take the frustration out on the males because it’s a fight she will lose. Therefore she is biting you
  3. Rs50matt

    November 2021 photo competition entries

    This is a snake that is alive because of our admin @Enn49 . She’s still called C2 :)
  4. Rs50matt

    U.K. Any Tarantula supplier in the UK?

    I understand that. You’ll find a lot on the Facebook pages that people always say that. “I’ve never had a problem but I’ve heard…….” There are people that have had bad experiences with spidershop , so many legs and bugsUK ( we’ve had bad experiences with Martin and refuse to use him ourselves )...
  5. Rs50matt

    U.K. Any Tarantula supplier in the UK?

    Your reply should have ended with “I have ordered from him and had no problems” Radek is possibly the most prolific breeder in the UK. He receives nothing but bad press all the time and people dragging him down, yet his business is still very successful. I think that speaks for itself. Btw...
  6. C Marshali

    C Marshali

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    P. gigas, the one that got away for a short time.

    P Gigas is widely regarded as the fastest species in the hobby. Guess you found out first hand :)
  9. Rs50matt

    How much more defensive is p irminia compared to p gigas?

    We have p Gigas and about 6 p irimina and they are all fine. The Gigas is more skittish, the irimina are very good feeders. I’d get one honestly. A lot of species come with horror stories but they’re generally undeserved
  10. A Genic wrestling

    A Genic wrestling

    Decided the privacy of the enclosure was too mainstream.
  11. Gbb pairing

    Gbb pairing

    The time these guys took, never again :).
  12. Rs50matt


    100% mature male. If it molts it will more than likely die.
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    Your opinion: the most beautiful T species?

    I think under 3” is considered a dwarf so a David isn’t technically but they are on the small side. Same with Chilensis. Max 3.5” dls but not considered a dwarf (even thou it’s always spoken as if it is)
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    Your opinion: the most beautiful T species?

    The nice thing about these sort of threads is it makes people aware of species they might not have paid attention to before :)
  15. Rs50matt

    Your opinion: the most beautiful T species?

    Cyriocosmus Perezmilesi Eupalaestrus Campestratus Chilobrachys Fimbriatus Not my 3 favourite species but 3 that I think are very nice looking that haven’t been mentioned.