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    Is this possible?

    Forgot to mention the rubbing , Ts groom a decent amount so that’s normal.
  2. Rs50matt

    Is this possible?

    Best thing to remember with Ts is a lot is still unknown. It isn’t common but is know for them to molt so soon after the last. But the question to ask yourself is if it molts can you stop it? No, the T knows best. All you can do is provide the best care you can :)
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    Comment by 'Rs50matt' in media 'G Pulchra'

    The angles :)
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    The new adds are here

    We have an Aphonopelma sp. montane that decided it wants to be a mole and had been burrowed away for over 6 months. Had to rehouse due to mold but within a day it’s back to the bottom :)
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    Comment by 'Rs50matt' in media 'A Jurensis.'

    Was in a race with our c versi first to molt gets the glass enclosure so will get a better pic of it when rehoused but yea. They are nice :)
  6. Ladybird spider :)

    Ladybird spider :)

    Only true spider we have
  7. A Jurensis.

    A Jurensis.

  8. G Pulchra

    G Pulchra

    To the untrained eye it looks like he’s drinking but he isn’t. It’s been almost 5 mins since i filled the dish so he’s emptying it for me
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    Kind of. Other than the albo they are replacements for slings we lost in the last month or so.
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    G iheringiC cyanognathus T Albopilosus (ometepe island) L L Difficilus P Cambridgei
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    All you need now is the right female
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    Help! I fed my avic. metallica directly after her molt!

    I apologise for a stupid assumption. This side of the pond b lats aren't too popular so when someone says roaches my default is Dubia. My bad
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    Help! I fed my avic. metallica directly after her molt!

    Roaches won’t munch on the T. Crickets will but roaches are fine
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    Adequate Pokie Hide?

    That’ll be fine for pretty much any arboreal.
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    Comment by 'Rs50matt' in media 'P Machala'

    As I said. The picture makes her look huge. It’s why it made me laugh. She isn’t that big