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  1. Rs50matt

    Who's molted today

    Top to bottom. Obt (rcf) N Incei P Elenae H Mac
  2. Rs50matt

    Tarantula’s have arrived including freebie

    Looks like the patience paid off. I guess they were just telling the truth and were very busy with orders over the Xmas period and unable to post due to the weather. Was nice of them to give a freebie to for the inconvenience. Good job you weren’t bad mouthing them or you’d probably feel abit...
  3. Rs50matt

    C albostriatus

    Recently rehoused our c albostriatus. Only bout 1” but I do like the fossorial species. Very rarely see them but when you do it’s very satisfying. Another species to look out for if you like the idea of fossorials is C Hainanus. (Formerly H Hainium). Very very pretty Ts.
  4. Rs50matt

    Mm H Mac?

    Thanks but I have no interest in pairing him. Will have a quick look around see if anyone is in need of him thou
  5. Rs50matt

    Mm H Mac?

    I was unsure to start with which is why I asked . I only posted again cos I was able to get a better picture. Have been used to seeing the emboli fairly red so this is first Mm I’ve had that hasn’t been “obvious” just wanted someone to point it out to me for sure.
  6. Rs50matt

    Mm H Mac?

    Just managed to get a better picture as it’s not the easiest to photograph. Doesn’t look male (mature at least) Can someone enlighten me please?
  7. Rs50matt

    Who's molted today

    Grats on the new moult. Just a heads up. Every time you start a new thread for a moult the moderators have to move it. If you could add it as a reply to the other thread it would save them a job :) It’s in the pinned threads on the general discussion (where you liked Nunuas picture of her H...
  8. Rs50matt

    Is Palp Friction real? Did I get scammed?

    now you just sound like an old man with a 16yr old kids mentality. :(
  9. Rs50matt

    Is Palp Friction real? Did I get scammed?

    I’ve read through the whole thread and every concern you had has been answered and your still not satisfied. I guess some people are beyond help
  10. Rs50matt

    Is Palp Friction real? Did I get scammed?

    I think the best solution is for palp to send the order ASAP. Who cares if you recieve $500 of dead spiders? Atleast you got your order
  11. Rs50matt

    My tarantula not eating

    It’s possible it’s gone into its hide to moult. Or just be left alone. It’ll be fine. Don’t dig it out.
  12. P Machala

    P Machala

    Freshly moulted confirmed female Pamphobetus Machala :)
  13. Rs50matt

    Bean weevils?

    Got on really well with them. Still have the same culture. Did buy some from spider shop this week just to add another “bloodline” as such. Slings do go for them and I prefer them to cricket parts.
  14. Rs50matt

    Is my Tarantula Stressed?

    I wouldn’t say it’s stressed. Maybe close to a moult if laying a mat but the bulldozing of the enclosure and filling/flipping and just being an arse is a grammostola thing. It’s why I like them. Every Grammy I’ve had has a habit of digging down in a corner of the enclosure to the bottom then...
  15. Rs50matt

    A few questions about Tarantula's

    With dehydration being a cause of death for a T I think a keeper will be pretty silly to not include a water dish of some sort in an enclosure big enough to accommodate one Doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Just a bottle top is fine and and completely free.