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  1. RobnBig

    My custom GBB tank

    What's the dimension on the tank? Looks like the perfect size for a lot of mine.
  2. RobnBig

    Blondi or Stirmi slings

    lol. Thanks I'm gonna call on them!
  3. RobnBig

    Blondi or Stirmi slings

    Ohio. Toledo area
  4. RobnBig

    Blondi or Stirmi slings

    any t blondi or stirmi slings available out there?
  5. RobnBig

    Any T Blondis for sale

    Looking for a Blondi. Female med size. Let me know. Thanks PM me if you would. Rob
  6. RobnBig

    May 2014 Photo Contest Winner!

    last pic too! In at the buzzer. Really nice lookin t!
  7. RobnBig

    May 2014 Photo Contest Voting

    hahahahaha yeah really. I want post 15 but dont know if what says 15 is really 14. LOL HELP!
  8. RobnBig

    My amazon sapphire pinktoe

    hahahahaha thats SWEET looking!
  9. RobnBig

    Hi, hello! c:

    No kidden, been in it for a year and already have 15! Want more....oh need more money too....and a wife that feels the same as me..lol Actually gonna try to weasel a scorpion home from one of my favs on the forum!
  10. RobnBig

    US slings, juvies, & a few AF

    Hey is ur 6 " stirmi really unsexed?
  11. RobnBig

    US Here is the full tour list of days and citys for repticon

    lets all put our collections together and travel! I have 15. Whose in?