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  1. Redacted

    New T??

    Jamie's tarantulas is an excellent vendor AND she is nearby in California.
  2. Redacted

    New T??

  3. Redacted

    New T??

    They even seem curious.
  4. Redacted

    New T??

    For beauty and overall docility, I'd go for Bracypelma emilia or Grammostola pulchripes or Grammostola sp. 'Concepcion'. If you're flush with cash- G. pulchra! Otherwise, I'd try Lasiodora parahybana or Acanthoscurria geniculata. Both big, striking, bulletproof, though I wouldn't personally...
  5. Redacted

    Coconut substrate

    If it's been only a day or two, could just be getting settled. Much more beyond that and I would change the substrate.
  6. Redacted

    My new B. vagans

    Very determined!
  7. Redacted

    T logs

    So you have a useful system. Minimizes a lot of uncertainties and potential problems. New T owners often not aware if the advantages of keeping relevant records.
  8. Redacted

    T logs

    In retrospect, knowing when and what size the T was when acquired would becuseful. Didn't need to when my collection was small, but it ballooned and I didn't change. However, slings that I've produced get dates of birth.
  9. Redacted

    T logs

    I note where it came from, molt, mating, and egg sac and hatch dates only.
  10. Redacted


    Welcome! What species is your T?
  11. Redacted

    2 New Arrivals

    Never heard of them before. I'll do some homework. Like the color.
  12. Redacted

    It's a sad day my H.Lividum has passed

    A good explanation. Sorry nonetheless.
  13. Redacted

    The Agony of Defeat

    Beautiful T.
  14. Redacted

    Please, please, please...

    I think I got it! Tarantula of the Month club!!!! Sign up for one year = 12 randomly-chosen Ts. Huh, huh?????