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  1. Rachels_spiders


    Omg you’re getting A. Purpurea in?!?! I DEFINITELY will buy 3 of them!!
  2. Rachels_spiders

    US New availability lots of new additions!

    Is the C. Marshalli still available
  3. Rachels_spiders

    US Need to rehome some arachnids

    Do you still have the P. Metallica? And how much? Very interested!!
  4. Rachels_spiders

    US Last list of the year!

    Hi! Is the 3” P. Pulcher still available??
  5. Rachels_spiders

    US End of the year price list from Tarantulaspiders.com! Updated: 12/16/20

    Is the CB adult female Avicularia Kwitara river still available?!?!
  6. Rachels_spiders


    P.s- do you offer local pickups?
  7. Rachels_spiders


    I’ll take the A. Metallica, and the B. Boehmei! Any suspections on the sex of the Boehmei??
  8. Rachels_spiders

    Hi! I am interested in your C. Darlingi !

    Hi! I am interested in your C. Darlingi !
  9. Rachels_spiders

    US Looking for female G. iheringi, B. Klassi...and more!

    Do you still have the female C. Darlingi?
  10. Rachels_spiders


    I would love to take it! Where are you located? And how much is it?
  11. Rachels_spiders

    US Updated List: 11/14/2020

    Dang!!! Really wanted that Darlingi!!
  12. Rachels_spiders

    US November 2020 price list & new arrival postings from Tarantulaspiders.com!

    Hi! Very interested in your D. Diamentiensis!! I would love to purshase them as soon as possible!! Please contact me at (760) 270-4660 thank you!!
  13. Rachels_spiders

    US Updated List: 11/14/2020

    I’ll take your female C. Darlingi and the P. Metallica!
  14. Rachels_spiders

    US Updated list: 10/13/2020

    I would love to purchase your P. Metallica, your B. Klassi and your female C. Darlingi!
  15. Rachels_spiders

    US Updated list: 10/13/2020

    Hi! Interested in your B. Klassi and the female C. Darlingi! Please let me know if still available!! :)