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Poki mon

Just a spider nerd looking to learn more.

I have a different philosophy on owning tarantulas. I may be a little crazy but I believe that people should only keep the species that interest them. Buying a T you don't want to prepare you for a species you do want is kind of silly if you ask me. I believe with enough research and planning, beginners can own some of the more challenging T's. Common sense goes along way, and understanding and accepting the risk is part of the hobby.

I listed my T's below. 10 is enough for me. Now I just want to focus on providing the best care for what I currently own.

P metallica
P rufilata
P regalis
P irminia
P cambridgei
H pulchripes
A geniculata
G pulchra
B boehmei
H sp Colombia
Nov 6, 1989 (Age: 34)
Upstate NY
Production worker


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