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    Suspect female

    Might be. Have you checked the vent? You can vent sex pretty accurate for many species at 2". I put them in a 32 oz deli cup and use a flashlight to get a good look.
  2. Poec54

    My first attempt at mating my T's

    Not always. Sometimes males get into position, and then think it's too risky, and decide to back away without an insertion. He's totally vulnerable once he gets the female propped up with her fangs above his head. I've seen females sink their fangs thru male's carapaces immediately after...
  3. Poec54

    a. versi sling setup?

    A water can supply the humidity (which they do with all of mine). With Avics its better to be a little too dry than a little too moist.
  4. Poec54

    My first attempt at mating my T's

    Check out some breeding videos. During insertion, the male will suddenly bend the female back sharply to expose her slit. This is often when she'll come out of her romantic trance. Once he gets his emboli in, he usually wants to leave quickly, and the female may try to hasten that.
  5. Poec54

    A. Seemani "blue" Eggs with Legs

    They'll dry out; how fast depends on the ventilation & room temp and humidity. I lightly mist the paper towel with a fine spray. Too much and the ones on the bottom can drown in the soggy spots. A dry paper towel makes me nervous. I either use the deli cups lids that have holes with...
  6. Poec54

    a. versi sling setup?

    Good. Avics live up where there's breezes and sunshine, and things dry out quickly in tree canopies. I think they get respiratory problems with stagnant, moist air.
  7. Poec54

    terrarium decoration?

    Terrible idea. Hard/sharp objects are hazardous to tarantulas. These are not toys, they're living animals that should be treated with dignity and respect.
  8. Poec54


    No spiny plants! Tarantulas have soft abdomens. The cage/terrarium is for the tarantula, and some people get carried away and forget that.
  9. Poec54

    Female sp. Borneo Black

    Post pics. If it's too brown and not black enough, best to deal with this now than later.
  10. Poec54

    Sexing my Metallicas...

    I agree.
  11. Poec54

    A. Seemani "blue" Eggs with Legs

    Great species to breed. I keep all my EWL's on slightly moist (not soggy) papertowels. If you're going to separate them, do it at 1st or 2nd instar, not EWL, they're too delicate then.
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    a. versi sling setup?

    I keep all my Avic slings (including diversipes) in 16 oz deli cups with 2 or 3 rings of small holes around the upper sides, with an inch of dry substrate, a piece of cork and/or plastic plant, and a small water bowl. The biggest mistake people make with Avics is over misting, using moist...
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    Weird Behavior? Can't explain

    Handling is a risk to spiders, from falls, or from being flung if they happen to bite. Most bites are due to handling. The hobby's progressing beyond: 'Everyone look at me! There's a big hairy spider on me.' It's an old school stunt that needs to go away. These are not playthings.
  14. Poec54

    Vagans cubes

    Look nice. What about ventilation?
  15. Poec54

    ARRRGGH! I Hate Waiting..

    Patience is a requirement for this hobby.