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  1. T blondi (juvie)

    T blondi (juvie)

    hopefully this is a boy (yet to have a moult I can sex from) so that he has 2 big blondi twins to play with when he gets his big boy palps.
  2. T blondi

    T blondi

    sister of the other T blondi just posted both about 9 inches atm and due a moult so can't wait to see if they pack on more size.
  3. T blondi

    T blondi

    tell me the truth....we all like to wake up to a nice blondi don't we? ;) Her sister was out and about to so she is to follow.
  4. Phil

    Comment by 'Phil' in media 'Pterinopelma sazimai hide n seek'

    standard for them. Mine is the same. :D
  5. B hamorii pairing attempt

    B hamorii pairing attempt

    After over 30 mins foreplay (trying to lift her) possibly 1 palp insertion. Had to work for that as she was not going to make it easy for him.
  6. Mexican (red knee) Standoff

    Mexican (red knee) Standoff

    literally! ha ha Wonder who will blink first?
  7. Phil

    Comment by 'Phil' in media 'He is just a love machine'

    the devil made me do it. ha ha
  8. Phil

    Comment by 'Phil' in media 'He is just a love machine'

    It's my USP now....some proper old skool musiic and this one came to me in a flash ;) :cool:
  9. He is just a love machine

    He is just a love machine

    The male is currently being paired with 2 different females. 3rd pairing on each female. He is just a love machine!
  10. Phil

    Here for Arachnotherapy

    hi and welcome to the family. We have already been chatting :)
  11. Phil

    Comment by 'Phil' in media 'Avic Kwitara (AF)'

    not a clue tbh. about 12 points on scrabble maybe? ha ha @Avicularia Kael may know but the whole Avicularia genus is a mess atm. They do appear to be much larger than avic avic and they have a green hue so are morw distinctive in appearance. Sorry I can't be if any more help.
  12. Phil

    Comment by 'Phil' in media 'LSD Tarantula'

    you are correct. That's their new name anyway. previously T. psychadelicus I believe (which sounded much cooler). This is one of 2 that I got at last years BTS from spiderworld.eu table.
  13. Phil

    Comment by 'Phil' in media 'A seemani'

    my pleasure:)
  14. Phil

    Comment by 'Phil' in media 'LSD Tarantula'

    ha ha....yeah as far as pet holes go they don't get any prettier than that!
  15. Phil

    Comment by 'Phil' in media 'A seemani'

    really easy. They like to dig but apart from that, I keep them like any other. Coco fibre substrate, a hide, open water dish. mist once a week. Job done. :)