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Recent content by Pgreazy

  1. Pgreazy

    US Phidippus Johnsoni, nikites, apacheanus now available!

    Can I get 10 nikites
  2. Pgreazy

    US Mature Females + Well Started Slings

    You still got Diversipes MF available
  3. Pgreazy

    US Mature males up for discussion

    If you decide to ship I would take both
  4. Pgreazy

    US Mature Male Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens needs home with female

    I am on my 4th GBb sack this year and I am willing to do split https://vm.tiktok.com/ZTRDf53UD/
  5. Pgreazy

    US Poecilotheria For Sale

    I am interested
  6. Pgreazy

    New availability

    Ackaya Seladonia Penelleworthum Sold out
  7. Pgreazy

    T seladonia and more

    Update Price Cut on Seladonia All Seladonia 200$ each
  8. Pgreazy

    US For sale

    I will take the Diamenthsis
  9. Pgreazy

    T seladonia and more

    Limited availability 5 pack of Seladonia 900$
  10. Pgreazy

    T seladonia and more

    T seladonia slings available 250 each 3 for 550 Hogna lenta White Wolf Spider pairs 25 per pair . L Bishopi Red Widow slings 15 each 3 for 35 Tos Must receive package on first attempt Lag in effect for 2 hours from receiving animal . PayPal cashapp Venmo
  11. Pgreazy

    US Massive Eresus * Velvet spiders List

    Sold out
  12. Pgreazy

    New availability

    Sold out
  13. Pgreazy

    P mettalica wholesale

    Sold out
  14. Pgreazy

    P mettalica wholesale

    No prob
  15. Pgreazy

    P mettalica wholesale

    Update 500 you get a 10 pack