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  1. Pawandinverts

    US Jamie did it again!

    Jamie has ones for a great price
  2. Pawandinverts

    US Jamie did it again!

    I ordered a nhandu chromatus, 25 Roaches witch there are way more than that, and water crystals. The tarantula came live and well. She was able to answer my questions very fast and professional. The shipping was fast (even with USPS lol) but the heat pack and packing was great! I am telling...
  3. Pawandinverts

    Jamie's Tarantulas

    I know exactly what you mean, the tracking is terrible. I didn't get an email saying it was shipped unti the next day
  4. Pawandinverts

    Jamie's Tarantulas

    I just checked out your website and youtube! Absolutely entertaining and great, keep up the good work. :)
  5. Pawandinverts


    Should I spray her cage at all?
  6. Pawandinverts


    My Pink toe just molted almost two days ago, I removed the molt and left her alone. I checked on her just now to see how she was doing and she is curled up. I don't think she is dying, I touched her very lightly to see if there is any movement. She moved very slowly. This is my first pinktoe I...
  7. Pawandinverts

    Jamie's Tarantulas :)

    She really is such an amazing dealer. I have bought encloures from her in the past and they are grade A! I have a Brazilian White knee coming in the mail right now from her and I couldn't be anymore excited. Her website is amazing and that's what caches people's attention at first.
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    New addition!

    Beautiful T, looks identical to mine. :)
  9. Pawandinverts

    Jamie's Tarantulas

    I just ordered off of Jamie and Im excited to receive my package in the mail. I can't Wait! Anyone else order from her before?
  10. Pawandinverts


    Cool T and Pic!
  11. Pawandinverts

    big up the rose hairs!

    The first one is a small one! :)
  12. Pawandinverts

    My hubby is famous!!!

    Nice Pics! :)
  13. Pawandinverts

    First T, the Enclosure

    Nice T and it cage is very cool!