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  1. Oursapoil

    Who's molted today

    B. bohemi new skin today!
  2. Oursapoil

    US Males Tliltocatl vagans & verdizi for trade.

    Hi, I have a Beautiful newly mature male vagans (maturity molt last week) and a premature male verdezi (will likely be mature at the next molt as he just molted 2 days ago) for trade. Would be interested to trade them together or separately for other tarantulas and slings. Thank you. Vincent.
  3. Oursapoil

    Who's molted today

    Our Vietnamese blue molted but she is hiding so far ;)
  4. Oursapoil

    Who's molted today

    First look at the two Tliltocatl verdezi who molted yesterday and their molts once set.
  5. Oursapoil

    Who's molted today

    So I have two Tliltocatl verdezi, 1 is a now confirmed juvenile male, about 2 inches and 1 premature male about 3 inches. My first one molted this morning and insanely my second one just flipped over! What are the odds?
  6. Oursapoil

    US Looking for Juvenile confirmed female Tliltocatl. verdezi

    Hi L’aT’s, thank you very much for responding. Unfortunately this went much faster than I thought and I have one already on its way. I will reach out to you moving forward before ordering anything Thank you again.
  7. Oursapoil

    US Looking for Juvenile confirmed female Tliltocatl. verdezi

    Lmk if you have a lady for sale Thank you. V
  8. Oursapoil

    Bean Weevil for slings

    Just my two cents as they are much more knowledgeable people on this forum, for the smallest of my slings I was using wingless fruit flies (a culture last a little while and cost between $10-$15) or I would take the smallest of my dubias and after removing the head I would pull out the legs for...
  9. Oursapoil

    Juvenile Tliltocatl epicureanum first good look after her last molt.

    I’d say the female is strong on this one but would welcome for some experts to confirm
  10. Oursapoil

    Who's molted today

    The magic is happening for my little verdezi
  11. Oursapoil

    Who's molted today

    B. baumgarteni in her new skin today
  12. Oursapoil

    My son would like to ask if anyone could “sex” his tarantulas.

    Thank you in advance for helping :)
  13. Oursapoil


    I am not sure who needs to be convinced here....just look at her reviews, they speak for themselves. When I joined this forum, after my son consistently asked on a daily base and for months to have tarantulas as I did when I was younger, Casey was one of the first person to reach out to us. She...
  14. Oursapoil

    Who's molted today

    2 molts today, B. annitha and B. harmorii as well as the first look of my T. aphosysis new gown