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    Comment by 'mrsoul1974' in media 'Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens'

    Absolutely beautiful!!!!
  2. mrsoul1974

    How to sex your tarantula

    Got to be a girl. You can see the"ears" popping up from the spermatheca. Congrats!!
  3. mrsoul1974

    H. pulchripes sling

    Too funny!
  4. mrsoul1974

    H. pulchripes sling

    Just make sure as it gets bigger it can't push the pipette out. They are strong little guys!
  5. mrsoul1974

    Longest time before eating?

    So far the longest my GBB has gone without eating is about 6 weeks. That's from premolt to molt about 4 weeks and about 2 weeks to harden up again and finally eat again.
  6. mrsoul1974

    My Tarantula ate 3 crickets at the same time! Is this okay?

    You should't worry. Just be sure to not over-feed. My GBB will eat multiple roaches as long as they are not too big.
  7. mrsoul1974

    New babies....

    Congratulations and best of luck!!
  8. mrsoul1974

    June 2020 photo competition entries.

    I got her as a sling a little over a year ago. Her last molt was in April. I think this was her 6th or 7th molt.
  9. mrsoul1974


    Hi, and welcome aboard!!
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    Comment by 'mrsoul1974' in media 'Messy eater'

    I like how it stand up on its toes!!!
  11. mrsoul1974

    Comment by 'mrsoul1974' in media 'IMG_20200204_221651.jpg'

    That's a really cool pic. I don't think I ever saw on hiding in a shell!!
  12. mrsoul1974

    Now, the formal introduction

  13. mrsoul1974

    I'm Officially a Tarantula Breeder Now

    Your kitty (and T's) are beautiful!!!!