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  1. Michu

    U.K. GBB male and other

    MM Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens - matured 25/03 so very fresh. (45) Megaphobema robustum juvie around 3-4cm (30) Psalmopoeus pulcher sub adult female (50) Pseudoclamoris gigas sub adult female (40) collection in Dartford or Royal mail +£8 next day delivery.
  2. Michu

    U.K. UK Michu

    Thank you for very kind review :)
  3. Michu

    Comment by 'Michu' in media 'SAF P. Rufus'

    I'm glad to hear (see) that :) enjoy
  4. Michu

    U.K. Rare tarantulas, Females, Old & New worlds

    Hi, Due to personal circumstances I have to downsize my collection. Sizes are approx. Collection in Dartford (Kent) or RMSD +£7,50 (that's including heatpack !!!! ) Paypal accepted, pictures available upon request. Thank you. Harpactira dictator - adult female £90, sub adult male £40 (pair...
  5. Michu

    Comment by 'Michu' in media 'SAF P. Rufus'

    Please post a picture once she molts and tag me - I'm really curious how she'll look :))
  6. Michu

    New additions

    Thanks Phil, I was trying to take good care of them :)
  7. Michu

    Hi everyone

    No worries, glad you are happy with it :)
  8. Michu

    Hi everyone

    Pic of adult Cobalt blue girl for attention :)
  9. Michu

    Hi everyone

    @Phil thanks for invite, Tarantula breeder and keeper here, based in Kent. Have a great day everyone. Michu