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    Winner of the July/Aug competition

    Congratulations, a great picture @Arachnoclown :)
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    Hi :)

    :) Welcome
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    Hello Everyone!

    Welcome to TF :)
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    Hi All!

    Welcome to this great place :)
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    Welcome to Tarantula Forum!

    Welcome to TF @LinInuRen :)
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    L.mactans a friend brought me...

    You can consider to bring the cocoon back outside….
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    Hello everyone!

    Welcome to this great forum! :)
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    Bad or good molt?

    Looks excellent! :)
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    Arboreal feeding?

    I feed my babies crickets and leave them in the container. I also have a small bottle cap with water in every enclosure. :)
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    This is how to start a bio active terrarium

    Succulents work, as well as tradescantia and pothos. Chilobrachys and Brachypelma doing great in those conditions. Many others as well. :)
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    M. balfouri Communal

    I would use a water dish as well.
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    This is how to start a bio active terrarium

    4 weeks later… :)
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    L.mactans a friend brought me...

    Very cool, I kept them for many years. So much fun! :)
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    Saw This Place Linked On Tom’s Blog…

    Welcome to TF, a great place to be! :)
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    T Mom times 3

    Welcome to TF! :)