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  1. menavodi

    Avic project thread

    Showing off for you! That’s nice! :)
  2. menavodi

    New arrival today

    Looks good. Congratulations! :)
  3. menavodi

    12 Hysterocrates sp. Benin

    It is a year later and I had to rehouse them. Look how beautiful they are and how much they grew...:)
  4. menavodi

    5 new arrivals on the way

    Always great to get new ones. Looks like you are ready! Good job! :)
  5. menavodi


    I use DYMO...it works for me.
  6. menavodi

    Your favorite flavor "anything"

    Yes, it is like an ice cream shot...strong. I love it! ;)
  7. menavodi

    Hello from a proud new T owner

    Welcome to TF. All you need, right here. You picked a good new baby to watch growing and getting better colors and more hairs all the time....:)
  8. menavodi

    Hapalopus sp. Colombia "pumpkin patch" large

    Great looking tarantulas and set up’s you have! :cool:
  9. menavodi

    My pink toe seems sick

    You always can go with a real plant, which would look better. At least for my taste. ;)
  10. menavodi

    So what does everyone do for a living?

    I work in the field of safety and security...keeping it safe for many people.
  11. menavodi

    So what does everyone do for a living?

    I bet you had a fantastic garden! :)
  12. menavodi

    New enclosures, first timer.

    Those would be too small for my liking.
  13. menavodi

    New arrival today

    Looks good, congratulations! :)
  14. menavodi

    First critter on its way

    She looks great! Congratulations. She can eat much bigger than pin heads...just saying...:)
  15. menavodi

    Your favorite flavor "anything"

    I am going for home made lemon bars... and ice cream like this: