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critter room currently holds:

0.2 C.cranwelli
2.0 B. orientalis
0.1 X. laevis
1.0 B. americanus

0.1 P. regius"pastel morph"

0.0.1 Avicularia versicolor
0.0.3 A. urticans
0.1 Brachypelma auratum
1.1 B. vagans
1.0 Cyclosternum fasciatum
0.0.1 Grammostola pulchra
0.0.1 Heteroscodra maculata
0.0.4 Holothele incei
0.2 Nhandu chromatus
1.0 Orphnaecus sp. "Panay island blue"
0.0.2 Pelinobius muticus
0.1 Phormictopus cancerides
0.1 Poecilotheria ornata
2.0.2 Psalmopoeus irminia
0.1.3 P. cambridgei
0.1 P. reduncus
1.1.1 S. calceatum

dwarf white isopds

red runners
question marks
giant peppered

0.0.1 Heterometreus petersii
0.0.1 Babycurus jacksoni
0.1 C. sculpturatus
Apr 15, 1989 (Age: 35)
Cortland, NY


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