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Recent content by Matthew

  1. Part bulldozer, part B. Boehmei

    Part bulldozer, part B. Boehmei

    This little spood is always busy moving dirt around. Job one is always pile dirt where the water dish is. After that it more about the feng shui of the space.
  2. Covered in dirt

    Covered in dirt

    remodeling and moving substrate is a dirty job.
  3. MM GBB, OMG!  LOL


    His carapace has become a much darker metallic green since he matured. I'm guessing that is in part because his molt is fairly fresh (May 5th). But still it is noticeably darker than any of his previous molts. He looks amazing and very large now.
  4. Ultimate Molt Display

    Ultimate Molt Display

    Found a good shadow box and created a background to mount my GBB's ultimate molt for display. I know my time with him is limited now so this will be a nice keepsake.
  5. Ultimate Molt

    Ultimate Molt

    My first T,my GBB has had his ultimate molt. I will enjoy him for a little longer and then I guess I will try and find him a girl friend to send him off to.
  6. Matthew

    C versicolor care

    This is how I setup my Versicolor's enclosure. An AMAC box upside down. She spends all her time up at the top and webs it all up but since it opens at the bottom I can get in there to feed and water without destroying its web castle. Learned this trick from one of @Arachnoclown 's posts.
  7. Matthew

    B. boehmei - may be male

    This sling is just over a year old. DLS is approximately 1.5" I guess it might be a little young to say for sure but looking at this photo I don't see anything at all to make me think it could be female. I think this one is likely a male. Do those of you with more experience concur?
  8. Matthew

    Tliltocatl pronounciation

    I haven't see a better video on how to pronounce the new genus name...
  9. Matthew

    Comment by 'Matthew' in media 'Best cup cake ever!!!'

    The elusive and rare Sugarnopelma Cakecodes.
  10. Matthew

    Keeper Cards Kickstarter

    Came across this kick starter. The cards look fantastic. I decided to get a set for my daughter. She loves this kind of stuff. Figure I'd share it here too in case anyone else could be interested in a spider related gift for one's self or a loved one. Link: Keeper Cards Kickstarter
  11. Matthew

    Slings grabbing a meal.

    Managed to catch my Vagans and Versicolor grabbing a meal on video. Rarely get to see the Vagans since she spends all her time deep in her maze of tunnels. (no sound on either video)
  12. Matthew

    Comment by 'Matthew' in media 'Stumpy's Latest Molt'

    Call her LL Cool J.... "Don't call it a comeback, I been here for years...." :p
  13. Oh look!  A snack...

    Oh look! A snack...

  14. Matthew

    October photo contest entries

    Fuego, my daughter's B. Boehmei sling.