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Recent content by Matthew

  1. Matthew

    How did you get into the hobby?

    I stumbled across a Youtube video about tarantulas. I think it was a clip from Nat Geo or some other kind of nature show. Anyway after watching that one video Youtube started suggesting others. I watched a few Dark Den videos and became completely fascinated with them. In less than a year...
  2. Oooh! Dinner!

    Oooh! Dinner!

  3. Matthew

    Comment by 'Matthew' in media 'B. auratum'

    OK. I attached the wrong picture. This isn't my auratum it is my boehmei. Can't figure out how to edit the title or delete it.
  4. B. auratum

    B. auratum

    I know Brachys are slow growers but experiencing it really drives the point home. Still as small as she is I am thankful for the bit of size she has put on. She was scary tiny when I got her.
  5. Baby GBBs

    Baby GBBs

    My male GBB that I sent off to Tarantula Haven to be paired is now a proud papa.
  6. growing up fast

    growing up fast

  7. Matthew

    T. albopilosus 2.5 in juvie male or female?

    This is as magnified And as clear as I could get the photo. I want to say female but in my inexperience I’m just not sure. I’m interested in what others think. I’m zoomed in quite a bit so the orientation is between the anterior book lungs. Carapace is north off the top of the photo...
  8. Matthew

    When does a Vagans carapace darken?

    I have what was bought as B. vagans at the time, Aug 2019, now a T. vagans. It was a small sling, maybe under a half inch. So now he is just over a year old and his carapace hasn’t darkened yet. Looking at him I swear he looks an awful lot like a B. albiceps. Anyone who has raised a vagans from...
  9. Matthew

    Who's molted today

    Meant to post both pics. This is Fuego our B. boehmei
  10. Matthew

    Who's molted today

    Two molts today. Our B. boehmei and T. vagans.
  11. Matthew

    A female... maybe????

    It is the inside. I feel fairly sure because when I was working with the molt and taking the photos the book lungs were clearly exposed. This is a slightly zoomed out version.
  12. Matthew

    A female... maybe????

    This is a mainly of a very young GBB. After emerging from this exoskeleton it just started to show hints of blue on the legs. This is as magnified and clear a **** I could get. Am I seeing super tiny spermatheca there?
  13. Matthew

    Who's molted today

    Another quick and surprise molt. I just tired to feed this little one a couple hours ago and it was throwing up threat postures. Guess this is why.
  14. Matthew

    Who's molted today

    Bit of a surprise molt from my versicolor. I am about 80+ % sure it’s a male now. I don’t mind males really but I have to say it is a little frustrating to think the first 4 T’s I have purchased over the past few years are all turning out to be male.