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Recent content by Matthew

  1. Matthew

    Who's molted today

    I looked at my B. auratum about 30 min. Prior to taking this photo and said to my daughter “This little one is dark. Will probably molt soon.” Didn’t know I was gonna be that on the nose about it.
  2. Matthew

    Who's molted today

    Second molt from my G pulchra is just over a month.
  3. Becoming a less rare sight

    Becoming a less rare sight

    Our T. vagans was out. I was able to get a good shot of him. Him being out is starting to become a little less rare. He is still amazingly skittish though. He was offended by me digging out the water dish he buried. A quick slap and treat pose then he was gone.
  4. How can you not love this face

    How can you not love this face

  5. A handsome young man

    A handsome young man

    Juvenile male B.boehmei
  6. Shiny feet

    Shiny feet

    I love it when their foot pads shine green in the light.
  7. Booberry


    Caribena versicolor
  8. Matthew

    New C. versicolor Enclosure - Zilla micro habitat

    I decided to fill it out and make it a bit more interesting so here is the updated version.
  9. Matthew

    New C. versicolor Enclosure - Zilla micro habitat

    My versicolor has outgrown its current home and is in need of an upgrade. I decided to give the new Zilla arboreal micro habitat a try. I have to say I like the way it has turned out. The enclosure looks great. It assembles easily and is much sturdier than I thought it might be given that it...
  10. B. Auratum

    B. Auratum

  11. Time for a rehouse

    Time for a rehouse

    My tiny auratum is growing. Time for some new diggs.
  12. Settling in its new home

    Settling in its new home

    B. auratum after being moved into its new enclosure.
  13. B. auratum closeup

    B. auratum closeup

  14. Matthew

    G. pulchra 1 to 1.5 Inch Photo Request

    This is my pulchra at about a half inch I'd guess.
  15. Matthew

    Who's molted today

    Another Molt. This on a T. Vagans. It is hard to believe I could be this unlucky but it appears the all4 of the first 4 T's I have purchased have turned out to be male. Still not 100% sure about my Versicolor but I suspect its male. I think this molt has confirmed for me the Vgans is a male...