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Matthew's latest activity

  • Matthew
    Matthew replied to the thread C versicolor care.
    This is how I setup my Versicolor's enclosure. An AMAC box upside down. She spends all her time up at the top and webs it all up but...
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  • Matthew
    Matthew reacted to FishermanSteve's post in the thread B. boehmei - may be male with Like Like.
    I don’t see anything either, but the spermatheca would be tiny at that size. I like to put a light underneath. It makes it easier to any...
  • Matthew
    This sling is just over a year old. DLS is approximately 1.5" I guess it might be a little young to say for sure but looking at this...
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  • Matthew
    Matthew reacted to SikmT7's media P. cambridgei with Like Like.
    Out and about, rare photo opportunity...
    P. cambridgei