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Matthew's latest activity

  • Matthew
    Matthew reacted to m0lsx's comment on media item Ultimate Molt Display with Like Like.
    I lost my MM GBB today. I brought him as a MM & I have had him for 9 months, so hopefully you too will have a reasonable time with your...
  • Matthew
    Matthew reacted to T-Baby's media G. Iheringi with Like Like.
    Wish I could take credit for this beautiful specimen.
    G. Iheringi
  • Matthew
    Matthew added the media item Covered in dirt to Ella's Fireleg.
    remodeling and moving substrate is a dirty job.
    Covered in dirt
  • Matthew
    This little spood is always busy moving dirt around. Job one is always pile dirt where the water dish is. After that it more about the...
    Part bulldozer, part B. Boehmei
  • Matthew
    Matthew added the media item MM GBB, OMG! LOL to Matt's GBB.
    His carapace has become a much darker metallic green since he matured. I'm guessing that is in part because his molt is fairly fresh...
  • Matthew
    Matthew added the media item Ultimate Molt Display to Matt's GBB.
    Found a good shadow box and created a background to mount my GBB's ultimate molt for display. I know my time with him is limited now so...
    Ultimate Molt Display
  • Matthew
    Matthew reacted to octanejunkie's post in the thread Who's molted today with Like Like.
    Tiny LP molted I thought it's legs were on the glass but then I saw the T in the burrow. Fished out this tiny exo.
  • Matthew
    Matthew added the media item Ultimate Molt to Matt's GBB.
    My first T,my GBB has had his ultimate molt. I will enjoy him for a little longer and then I guess I will try and find him a girl...
    Ultimate Molt
  • Matthew
    Matthew replied to the thread Who's molted today.
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