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    That's a death curl. Sorry buddy, she may be at the end of her life.
  2. MassExodus

    US Females P. cambridgei, P. subfusca, GBB

    The subfusca, low or high?
  3. MassExodus

    Feeder cricket causes parasites

    That's not true at all. Feeders here are treated the same way as anywhere else. Because its human nature.
  4. MassExodus

    Now, the formal introduction

    Stubborn is a standard quality in a good dog. And good people;)
  5. MassExodus

    Now, the formal introduction

    What a fantastic looking dog..he looks loyal and brave and beautiful. I'm still getting over the trauma of raising a cat who, rather then lay down and die beside me, would eat my body until the authorities found it..
  6. MassExodus

    Is this a Lasidora?

    Why are my ****s being censored? Josh turn faggot?
  7. MassExodus

    Is this a Lasidora?

    A fast moving river of emotion. ****ing awesome. :D
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    Dogs don't do any of this crazy ****...:D Now I remember why I'm a dog person...lmfao. Ninja is now queen ****ing muk a muk of the house..
  9. MassExodus

    Spider in distress?

    Btw I'm not concerned with house spiders. I ignore them and sometimes feed them..:D
  10. MassExodus

    Spider in distress?

    It's not cold enough here to kill her, but its harsh enough for the next few days to make her uncomfortable. I put her in my open ended carport and let her go. After years of loving and keeping inverts, for some reason I cant explain, I cannot for the life of me keep a wild caught invertebrate...
  11. MassExodus

    Spider in distress?

    Interesting thing..she plays dead when she's scared. If I let her sit awhile she starts looking around and exploring, but if I move her container she plays dead again..:D
  12. MassExodus

    Spider in distress?

    Yeah, she's already in a container til I get her home;)
  13. MassExodus

    Spider in distress?

    She's gorgeous, it's cold and rainy and her web got destroyed. Should I take her in as a boarder for a month or so, then let her loose on my patio?
  14. MassExodus

    Close Call

    She was trying to give you a high five dude...and you left her hanging..