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  1. Mandiijunck

    Any guess on my gbb

    Any guess as to what sex my new gbb may be? There's a molt in its web but it's all balled and webbed up
  2. Mandiijunck

    Can anybody sex my baby?

    How fast do these guys grow? The girl at the store said they've had her since she was a sling. I'm learning this species is a super common one people get and is so abundant that people just give them away. I got her bc her living condition was terrible even for in a petstore display tank
  3. Mandiijunck

    My intro.

    Hi I'm mandii I live in Jacksonville, FL. I am brand new to tarantula keeping. I have had a huge fear of spiders my while life then one day an orb weaver on my back porch peeked my interest and the rest is history lol I started with my little backyard collection then moved to jumpers and now I...
  4. Mandiijunck

    Can anybody sex my baby?

    Hi I'm new to keeping these babies. This is my aphonopelma seemanni coco. She was sold to me female but now that I've gotten to see her underside idk I think she is a he... any thoughts?