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    Hiya everyone!

    Hello & welcome to the forum.
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    Hi T people!

    Welcome to the forum.
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    Fresh ink :)

    It should be, it took long enough to get. She was 2 weeks off having it, when we went into lockdown in 2020. She finally got it done last year.
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    Fresh ink :)

    This is one of my wifes tattoos.
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    Hi all!

    Hello & welcome to the forum & the forum.
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    Introduction and a Question

    Welcome to the forum.
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    Best introduce myself

    Hello & welcome to the forum.
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    Crickets for human consumption.

    I know I'm stretching the "feeder insects" header a tiny bit. But I saw the following on the BBC news site & it is about feeder insects. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-england-lincolnshire-61883140 If anyone wants to buy anything or just visit Bugvitas website, then it is at...
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    Water Dish in the Enclosure

    My experience with water dishes is, don't use the commercially made water dishes. They look good. But leak water, as they are not sealed properly. I use bottle & jar tops Etc. I find the tops from drink bottles, those on the plastic milk bottles, peanut butter jars & smaller coffee jars...
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    Who's molted today

    We fed last night & found 3 more fresh molts. All Juvi's. Selenocosmia crassipes. Davus pentaloris. Chilobrachys huahini. The weather is definitely warming up.
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    Hello & welcome.
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    Who's molted today

    Summer is here. On Saturday one of our LP's (Lasiodora parahybana.) A Juvi molted & was sexed as a male. Then last night. one of our Tliltocatl sabulosus slings. A Tliltocatl kahlenbergi sling & one of my Brachypelma klaasi slings molted.
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    Guess who's back~!

    Welcome back.
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    Who's molted today

    The nice weather has produced a few more. One of my OBT slings. (Pterinochilus murinus.) A second of my blondi slings. (Theraphosa blondi.) And a Lampropelma nigerrimum, A large sling, which was recently rehoused from a small sling pot.
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    Why hello there everyone

    Welcome to the forum.