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    Brown recluse bites

    Google offered this. https://www.poison.org/articles/2014-oct/brown-recluse-spider-bites
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    Hello & welcome to the forum.
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    I was down to 7 small slings.

    Sort of, yes. It takes so little time to feed & care for slings that, it was taking more time getting sorted or clearing up. Plus more mealworms get used with more than 7 slings & thus fewer get wasted.
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    whole new meaning to that spider made me sh!t myself

    Thanks for that, it is fascinating.
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    How can I get the best temp and humidity for my T

    First thing to do, is to forget the term "humidity." Keep a water container in the enclosure & moisten a small area of the substrate on rotation. Brachypelma are desert species & do not need much moisture at all. But always keep a small area of the substrate lightly moist & then allow it to...
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    I was down to 7 small slings.

    Having rehoused a few of my slings over the past couple of months into larger enclosures. I was down to just 7 small slings & then I spotted an advert on preowned yesterday evening. Someone very local to me was selling 2 X T albopilosus, (Nigerian,) slings. 1 X Lasiodora striatipes sling 1 X...
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    Rehousing nightmare

    Henry Ford did say something about old books & old wood becoming more precious to us as we age.
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    Bean Weevil for slings

    Just to add, if you are thinking of using bean weevils or fruit flies, could I suggest you invest in one of Bugzarre's insect pooters, they make feeding with both so much easier. You suck into the shorter pipe which has a filter on it & draw the weevils etc into the jar, they only cost a...
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    Bean Weevil for slings

    I brought a small culture of bean weevils from ebay earlier this year, they took a while to get going. Certainly a lot longer than I had expected. But I now have three tubs of them & really need to move a couple of them on. I mainly use bean weevils with small mantids, jumping spiders etc.
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    Who's molted today

    One of my H chilensis slings has molted again, that is two molts in the pasty year :D I Brought 2 at last years Bedford show & it is now almost visible to the naked eye.
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    Is this on a less friendly site? As I have not heard anything but good reports about you Casey K.
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    Resin water dishes.

    That is a great idea. I am generally using old lids, of differing sizes. And with some I have more than one water dish in the enclosure, as they like to move them about, or bury them.
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    Resin water dishes.

    How do others find these? I have several from different brands & of different sizes & none of them seem to be capable of holding water, not for even a few hours. I stopped using these commercial dishes for this reason & now have a small collection of them in a carrier bag. These I mainly...
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    Subfusca Lowland Adult Female Unboxing & Rehousing

    Beautiful & I am certainly not showing this to my wife, she loves her old worlds, especially Poecilotheria.
  15. Female G rosea.

    Female G rosea.

    She is around 5 years old & came with the enclose & to save our US members any upset I will not mention the price, which was £65 (around $85)