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    What does your substrate consist of?

    That was in reply to Combat Advantage
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    What does your substrate consist of?

    I am not curtently lighting but I will be soon. I only plan on using LEDs but it will be full spectrum for future planting ideas.
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    What does your substrate consist of?

    Using repti/creature soil mixed with coco fiber and sphagnum. Seems to be working well. Tried a topsoil mix but had some mold issues.
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    3/4 inch versicolor not eating or webbing

    Added to my data bank. Very useful to know as I just started purchasing smaller specimens
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    3/4 inch versicolor not eating or webbing

    Looks great and healthy! One thing to remember is to not feed until at least a week after a molt. Some go 2 weeks. Just make sure that the fangs are completely black before trying to introduce food after a molt and all should be good!
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    Mystery box tarantula sling guess

    Was going to go with the hati also
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    What does your substrate consist of?

    I'd love to do one for a T that consisted of a mossy substrate with it growing up into the furnishings, driftwood, etc. I wonder if I could do some type of hardy moss with C. Lividum. They are a fossorial species and like to burrow and like the substrate moist. Trying to design a bedroom show...
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    What does your substrate consist of?

    I usually do my own mixes using Reptisoil, chopped sphagnum, peat, and maybe a little sand, and cocoa fiber
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    What does your substrate consist of?

    Very interested in mosses myself. Just no clue on maintaining or how to even get it going.
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    This actually brings tears to my eyes. A few weeks ago, I had a T. stirmi that was stuck in molt. It didn't end well. Anyway, you've done the best you can in this situation and that was prolly more than most. Your spider is lucky yo have a friend like you. I applaud you and your efforts. Good...
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    Need Some Enclosure Ideas

    So I picked up a 12x12x18 ExoTerra last night that was cracked on one side. I am going to use two pieces with a plastic strip between to add ventilation. I am going to remove the foam back ground and create my own. This would be for a GBB who is somewhat small yet. What suggestions do you guys...
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    Back In After 20 Years!

    Thank you so much. I wish that I would have found this site a little earlier, but at least I'm here! :)
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    How big is your specimen? I had a juvenile(2-3")and it never used a hide or burrow. It was always out