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  1. leaveittoweaver

    DYI Sling Arboreal enclosure find

    Those are pretty cool. Wish the whole thing had more visibility though instead of just the sides. But still nice find. The airholes aren't too big on the top?
  2. leaveittoweaver

    Asia - School Project

    Very neat! Will be cool to see the final outcome.
  3. leaveittoweaver

    Emilia vs Smithi...

    I can't comment on much as I only have a Smithi, adult female. But they are an impressive looking tarantula. And she stays out all the time. Not the most active eater but if you drop the cricket right in front of her she grabs it. She does kick hairs occasionally(her butt is bald right now) but...
  4. leaveittoweaver

    P regalis

    Very pretty! Nice shot :)
  5. leaveittoweaver

    Concerned about fasting

    I second this. Can't really see enclosure but looks like glass, you want a really small enclosure for a sling that size.
  6. leaveittoweaver

    New arrivals

    Wow! Those are some great additions. I miss my purpea!! We have similar taste in T's!
  7. leaveittoweaver

    Our tarantulas collections

    Just got an A.Versicolor female from Casey! Beautiful. Will post pics when I get some good ones of her. Not sure if I also updated this to say I bought an A.Avic as well.
  8. leaveittoweaver

    Suntiger buried itself.

    Very normal. Especially for P.Irminia. I decided to stop keeping that species because it was so frustrating never being able to see them.
  9. leaveittoweaver

    The tarantula Addiction reared it's ugly head once again.

    Great addition! They are a great species.
  10. leaveittoweaver

    2 new arrivals

    Congrats! Beautiful!
  11. leaveittoweaver

    Please help! Tarantula sprayed with Windex

    Don't have much to add but kudos to you for trying to save the little guy and I really hope he pulls through.
  12. leaveittoweaver

    Newcomer In Your Midst

    Welcome! Congrats on the new T! And I also agree wtih Enn49 's advice!
  13. leaveittoweaver

    Im Back

    Hey there! Welcome back! Any changes in your collection?
  14. leaveittoweaver

    suggestions for next order

    Have fun waiting for that A.Chalcodes to grow lol. But that's neat! I second the P.Antinous! And P.Sazimai is awesome. I have a sling, slow growing in my experience thus far. It was growing really fast but now it's hit about 1/2" and has slowed down substantially.
  15. leaveittoweaver

    Help me out...please!

    I don't have a whole lot to add other then to echo that GBB's are pretty fast and nervous species. They generally have great appetites though. I set them up as semi terrestrial, they web heavily and like it very arid. I would not handle them. All the other species, I have not personally kept...