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    US Casey K's Tarantulas Review

    still around babe, just health been bad so more lurking <3 to the old crew~! Eight legged hugs to the newer guys and gals :P~!
  2. Kymura

    Hello everyone!!!

    Big welcome ^.^
  3. Kymura

    The Second Set Of New Arrivals

    Lovely ladies, Names are great ~!
  4. Kymura

    To Melt or Drill, That Is The Question.

    I used a dremel to drill most things on a lower speed to prevent melting, I have made holes in the cheap card box types as well as the larger thicker types. Melted more then a few as well with a cheapo soldering gun, think it was six dollars. Mini magnets might work for your lid issue, just...
  5. Kymura

    Upgraded Enclosure For My Adult Female G. pulchra

    She is lovely, looks like she will be very happy in the new digs :T:
  6. Kymura

    GBB Out Hunting and Looking Gorgeous

    Lovely, every molt is an adventure when they are slings ^.~
  7. Kymura


    Welcome :T:
  8. Kymura

    Hi everyone!

    hello and welcome ^.~
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    Eat a Roach, Do a Happy Dance

    Same, I just enjoy most things about them ^.^
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    Australian Spider Chart

    love this lol
  11. Kymura

    Hello Everyone...

    Well, plenty of advice given here already so I'll just say welcome to the forums ^.^