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    How long do you wait for signs of life?

    I don't think so with this one, it was very shy, it would sprint out and grab a fruit fly and sprint right back into its' web tunnel. It was one of those only out of the tunnel to eat and only a few minutes after I'd closed the lid back up. I've been the only one taking care of the tiny ones and...
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    How long do you wait for signs of life?

    Nope, no new webbing either. I'm thinking it must have died. I guess I shouldn't really be surprised, I mean losing 1 our of 35 small spiderlings probably isn't bad. It's just weird because it was doing so well, but, I guess anything can have a bad molt at any time. I'm occasionally adding water...
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    Fruit Flies Laying Eggs in T enclosure

    They're more likely to be fungus gnats, particularly if you used some kind of top soil. I doubt they're a problem either though, so probably doesn't matter.
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    Silly thing to be proud of, but, I just hatched my own crickets

    Yeah, I'm in Florida so I have discoids, that have so far all molted out male.. lol I have a colony of surinams going, but, I don't think they'll be super convenient for tarantulas. I'm figuring I'll mostly be using them for my toads.
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    Just freed my handful of feeder crickets

    eh, I'll admit I'm that person who loves the chirping. I keep the loudest chirper as a pet until he dies of old age. I'm finally moving somewhere a bit cooler so I can get frogs and my highest requirement is one that makes a lot of noise. My bedroom window was 10 feet from a small pond when I...
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    Silly thing to be proud of, but, I just hatched my own crickets

    They took 14 days to hatch, but, that was because I was just keeping the container out in my sunroom and it got cooler at night which lengthened the time it took to hatch out. I'm trying to decide between just sticking a UTH on a 20 gallon long and using that as a cricket incubator or committing...
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    How long do you wait for signs of life?

    So, I bought around 35 small spiderlings, mostly in June and July. Most of them are doing great and are more juveniles now than spiderlings. I have one though that I think passed. It was a Heterothele gabonensis and was a teeny, tiny .25" spiderling. It was feeding well on fruit flies, built a...
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    Should I go for a Poecilotheria?

    I have to say, my rufilata is not spazzy at all. I was a bit worried about it because I didn't have much of any experience with pokies. I can't believe how fast they grow, mine's already gotta have a 4" legspan and I picked it up in June at 1.75" or so in a little deli cup.. lol Anyhow, I've...
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    More illegal tarantulas found in Maine

    Yup- they're for sale in Petsmart and Petco- but, supposedly you need a permit to own them in Florida.
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    More illegal tarantulas found in Maine

    That's a shame. But, you know what, I've had life backfire really badly on me before. I'm lucky in that I'm pretty good at problem-solving. Some people really aren't. I realized I was in serious trouble when I still had enough gas money to get me and my pets to a better place. Some people don't...
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    Brachypelma albiceps growth rate

    I believe that albiceps is one of the slowest of the brachy's and brachypelma are slow anyways. For comparison, my .33" hamorii has molted twice since June and is now almost an inch, my bohmei has molted once but is currently very premolt and my G pulchripes has molted twice. My G. pulchra...
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    Unconventional enclosures

    Those cheese ball containers are very popular for invert containers as well as the large pretzel containers. My favorite containers are AMAC boxes for spiderlings, the clear heeled shoe box from the container store for terrestrial juveniles and then aquariums and Zilla/Exoterra. I was going to...
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    How many molts to grow back a leg and pedipalp in a tiny spiderling?

    Nice! Thank you for the visual progression, that's helpful. I was starting to second guess myself this evening, my spouse likes to feed the T's and I was thinking, huh, wonder if he got the enclosures mixed up and gave this one a cricket. Fortunately, I try to take an intake photo of everything...
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    Exo Terra screen lid mod

    I'm curious how it holds up for you. Is that hot glue? I was using hot glue for things, but, between the heat and humidity I'm having it not hold. But, I think my glue gun is just a low heat craft one. I had glued a bunch of window screen for ventilation in a roach tote and the whole piece just...
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    How many molts to grow back a leg and pedipalp in a tiny spiderling?

    Awesome, thank you. These guys molt so fast too, nice to know it could be whole again in a month or so. :)