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James1975's latest activity

  • James1975
    James1975 reacted to Enn49's media Davus pentaloris - Beck with Like Like.
    The first time she appeared since moulting twice in 2 months.
    Davus pentaloris - Beck
  • James1975
    James1975 reacted to Casey K.'s media 20200814_152215.jpg with Like Like.
    6+" Female Brachypelma boehmi
  • James1975
    James1975 reacted to Phil's media T blondi with Like Like.
    SAF waiting for her to moult just like her sac sister did a few weeks ago.
    T blondi
  • James1975
    Hi all, I found this T floating in the water trough on a very cold morning on the ranch in SW Colorado. I scooped her out and have...
  • James1975
    James1975 reacted to newwwplatty's post in the thread New-ish keeper! with Like Like.
    Hey there, new to the forum. Just got into Ts and spiders this year! In my collection I have 0.1 T. Albospilosum 0.1 A. Chalcodes 0.0.1...
  • James1975
    James1975 reacted to Phil's media Pamphobeteus esmeraldes (F) with Like Like.
    enjoying 3 large crickets.
    Pamphobeteus esmeraldes (F)
  • James1975
    James1975 reacted to Phil's media B klaasi (F) with Like Like.
    Picked this stunner up last night. thanks @[28093:@T-Baby] for all your help x
    B klaasi (F)
  • James1975
    James1975 reacted to Phil's media pamphobeteus vespertinus with Like Like.
    S/A Female another new addition to the addiction.
    pamphobeteus vespertinus
  • James1975
    James1975 reacted to Phil's media Y diversipes (small juvie) with Like Like.
    another addition to add to my ridiculously high number of spiders. who cares though, I am an "arachnoholic" and proud of it! :)
    Y diversipes (small juvie)
  • James1975
    James1975 reacted to Rs50matt's media S Calc with Like Like.
    Had to rehouse due to mould but another T with an undeserved reputation. All she wanted to do was hide. When she had enough I got a...
    S Calc
  • James1975
    James1975 reacted to Enn49's post in the thread First Old World? with Like Like.
    As long as you know what their reputation is, always make slow movements around them and use long tongs for maintenance then I say keep...
  • James1975
    James1975 reacted to T-Baby's media E. Campestratus with Like Like.
    Laying in her ditch she made
    E. Campestratus