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    US For sale or trade: MM RCF P.murinus

    This guy just hooked out a few weeks ago. Both of my females are OCF so it’s a no go for me. I am asking $45 plus shipping. I’d love to trade too if that’s the route you’d prefer. Just let me know what you have. The best way to contact me is via email at [email protected] Terms: Shipping will...
  2. Jacko and unnamed. The mm pumpkin patches.

    Jacko and unnamed. The mm pumpkin patches.

  3. Fresh


  4. Fresh mm pumpkin patch

    Fresh mm pumpkin patch

  5. Jakes pictures

    Jakes pictures

  6. DSC_0392.JPG


    Mature male Hapalopus sp. comulmbia "large" on loan from Scubasteve.
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    US Scubasteve

    I just picked up a mature male Hapalopus sp columbia large from Steve. Very cool guy who genuinely cares about his Ts. Very friendly and easy to deal with. Thanks Steve! I'll keep you updated on the progress.
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    US Females (juvies) for sale

    How were you able to sex a 1 inch sling?
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    US Iso multiple mature males

    I am in search of the following mature males. I'd prefer to buy outright but would consider 50/50. Brachypelma hamorri Davus pentaloris Hapalopus sp. Colombia large Omothymus schioedtei Please provide prices, date of their maturing molt, and reviews. Thanks!
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    US Warning. Randall Baker aka [email protected]

    He didn't tell me where he saw my add so I'm not sure if hes a member here or not.
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    US Warning. Randall Baker aka [email protected]

    Just a heads up those who may not research a seller before purchasing. I recieved an email from "Randall W. Baker" who said his name was James (???) Stating he has two mature males that I've been looking for. Figuring this was too good to be true, I asked for pictures and further information...
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    US Latrodectus mactans for sale or trade.

    I have about 20 Latrodectus mactans slings for sale or trade. These were all captive born. I'll trade for about anything. Otherwise they are $5 a piece. At this time this will be local pick up only. I live in Butler, PA . PM me with any questions.