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    Hello! First Time Tarantula Owner... {video links included}

    Also that roach was way too big for that size tarantula.
  2. HungryGhost

    Freshly molted p. sazimai

    She's starting to show some nice color!
  3. HungryGhost

    Chilean Rose issues ...

    Wait at least 10 days before you offer food. If she doesn't eat, remove and try again in a few days.
  4. HungryGhost

    One tarantula is plenty for me.

    I work in retail and unfortunately deal with strange people like this on a regular basis. :confused:
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    First T and loving her ...

    Any relation to PB&J?:rolleyes:
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    Hello, getting into the hobby! Have an important question.

    The only way to sex a tarantula 100% is by examining its shed skin after a molt. However based on your photo I would lean towards male.
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    I was cringing through that whole video. Young children handling tarantulas is just a recipe for disaster.:(
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    New Cobalt Blue from Petco

    They are going to make our hobby illegal.
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    New Cobalt Blue from Petco

    Please post a photo. I can't believe petco would sell such a fast, defensive OW tarantula to the general public.
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    US For Sale Dubia Roach Package

    Sorry, all gone.
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    New home for my avic avic

    I made a new home for my avic avic and rehoused her today. I was nervous because this is my only arboreal but she was a real lady about it. Cool, calm, and collected during the whole move. I made this enclosure from a large pretzel jar. I'm not sure of the sex but I'm leaning female from the...
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    Euathlus sp. yellow

    They are slow growers. When they hit one inch they only molt once or twice a year!
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    Euathlus sp. yellow

    I rehoused my Euathlus sp. yellow yesterday and while I had her out I put her on some 1" graph paper for some photos. She molted in May of this year and before that she molted in May of 2014. Very little growth in a year but one of my favorite tarantulas.
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    GBB juvenile.. Male or Female?

    The photos don't help with sexing your tarantula. A photo more like this would be more helpful. Less spider, more sex parts, better focus. This pic is of my female GBB when she was much smaller. Also judging by the photo of your enclosure, you're keeping it too moist for a GBB. Dry substrate...
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    GBB juvenile.. Male or Female?

    Too blurry to even guess:confused: