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Recent content by Horned Baboon

  1. Horned Baboon

    One happy t dad

    Good luck!
  2. Horned Baboon

    Hey there!

    Enjoy your stay :)
  3. Horned Baboon

    I'm so happy

    Welcome! Beautiful spider you got there :D
  4. Horned Baboon

    Is this a female G. Pulchra?

  5. Horned Baboon

    Hello everyone!! New T owner…

    Welcome! Your Ts are very good-looking :D
  6. Horned Baboon

    New clearer photos

  7. Horned Baboon

    New addition

    Enclosure looks nice as heck :D
  8. Horned Baboon

    just molted yesterday

    Nice looking T you got there :D
  9. Horned Baboon

    just molted yesterday

    It’s an illusion I think
  10. Horned Baboon

    Back in the saddle

    Welcome :D
  11. Horned Baboon

    New keeper in AZ!

    Welcome! Beware: The hobby gets EXTREMELY addictive later on
  12. Horned Baboon

    New T. Mom

    Welcome! Beautiful T you got there :)
  13. Horned Baboon

    Is it ok to leave dead uneaten mealworms in sling enclosure?

    Depends on what feeders. Mealworms will dry up pretty quickly and shouldn’t cause a issue if you just leave it in there.