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    Comment by 'Grandsouls' in media 'P Irminia (large juv female)'

    I want, it’s so pretty
  2. Grandsouls

    New additions!

    K Brunnipes sling tackling cricket leg. All have molted at lease once so far. Growing really fast with crazy appetite they eat any cricket parts I give them. So cute to watch caught cute video of one shaking its booty and biting the leg. Pink toe webbed the whole top of the enclosure. Eating...
  3. Grandsouls

    First egg sack .Sooo so excited !!!

    Nice !! Congratulations!
  4. Grandsouls

    New pink toe sling

    Nice! It’s so basic but they never do it so it’s surprising haha I caught my male G porteri the other day drinking ! I gave him the water few Hrs before this photo I don’t understand how he gets so much substrate in it
  5. Grandsouls

    New additions!

    Hahaha nice!!!!!
  6. Grandsouls

    New additions!

    Nice ! They are pretty awesome I have to agree! Although just small the webbing and appetite and speed is just fun as hell! I’m lucky I have a secluded room That’s always dark as hell. So all are always out to say hello too. Well for 15 minutes or so till they realize what’s going on and...
  7. Grandsouls

    New additions!

    Ya hahaha ty tho!! I would haha
  8. Grandsouls

    New additions!

    Avic webbed whole top of her cage and so I cracked open the lid as going to feed but when I cracked the lid she barely moved think she’s molting right away. So i tried not to do anymore damage and put lid back on. She has a giant web hammock on the top now. I can sex it!
  9. Grandsouls

    New additions!

    Just realized I never posted the T violaceous Here it is and it’s new home has made tunnel Behind leaf and sticks kinda webbed them so there all glued together made nice tunnel Sorry hard to see through the green bottle
  10. Grandsouls

    New additions!

    I wish haha ! :D
  11. Grandsouls

    New additions!

    Yes! My next new species has to be P Metallica I believe.
  12. Grandsouls

    New additions!

    Nice! I heard they grow real quick too : )
  13. Grandsouls

    Sucking stomach

    That was very good to read and know. Thank you. But omg, I am so sorry :( Poor baby, I feel so bad.
  14. Grandsouls

    US A few females for sale

    I wish I could get some of those avic slings! <3
  15. Grandsouls

    New arrival

    Congratulations on the T!!!! She is so beautiful I hope to have one, one day. <3