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  1. Gizalba

    HOW MANY Ts??

    Lol, yes my rule was 10, then 20, then 30... then I stopped lying to myself ahaha. But I do REALLY need to be careful now and keep in mind how big all the slings are going to get. I have 52 currently; 15 arboreal, 13 old world. I like re-counting them into groups :P I got my first in July last...
  2. Gizalba

    Who's molted today

    This happened 4 days ago; first pic is day of the moult, second pic is from the other day. My C. versicolor Nevele finally moulted for the first time with me :) very excited about this as my last one Ele died a few weeks after I got her, so it's promising to see a successful moult, fingers...
  3. Gizalba

    Tapinauchenius violaceus

    Here is my female Matilda :) I love the fluff on her legs; your male looks super floofy! :D She too has a tendency to poop on her front door :P
  4. Gizalba

    B. Emilia growth rate?

    I've had mine, Leta, about 9 months and she finally moulted for a second time last week. I have no other experience of this species or genus but she does seem to be in pre-moult for ages compared to some of my other tarantulas.
  5. Gizalba

    Underfeed vs overfeed

    Thanks for this detailed info. I have been more careful to not over-feed since Allegro got fat! We did used to have a feeding schedule, then we had a different one, and then we threw it out of the window ;) So now most of them are fed randomly. The only ones I feed on the same day every week...
  6. Gizalba

    Mushroom growth - is it harmful?

    Is that 'too' wet? I didn't think I was putting that much more water in compared to my others; once every few weeks down the sides and a few drops on the webbing more regularly for her to drink seeing as the water dish got buried. But as the make-up of the substrate is coir, moss, vermiculite...
  7. Gizalba

    Mushroom growth - is it harmful?

    Thanks, I will get more spring tails in there then. I am reluctant to move the soil as apart from that she looks like she's set up home well and there's lack of other mould strangely.
  8. Gizalba

    Mushroom growth - is it harmful?

    Hi, My Chilobrachys sp electric blue has started growing shrooms :O From what I can tell from searching online, it seems they aren't harmful to the T, but I wanted to check in case that's outdated info/some mushrooms are? I assume it is due to the warm, damp conditions. I do have...
  9. Gizalba

    Silly T photos :) ya got any?

    I call this the 'Octopus pose'. Nymphadora demonstrating the seemingly A. chalcodes tendency to stick their bums in the air ;)
  10. Gizalba

    Is there anything I can do about this?

    Thank you for the responses and info *sigh*. Indeed I was so scared of when they die, when I got them, but the joy they bring is worth that pain.
  11. Gizalba

    Is there anything I can do about this?

    Sad news :'( Aurora was directly under the cork bark when I lifted it and had started to decompose :( there was one moult next to her. The rest of the substrate below seemed to be untouched when I dug it all out, so it doesn't look like she went too far down and couldn't sense prey :/ However I...
  12. Gizalba

    Is there anything I can do about this?

    Thank you. The problem is I have no way of knowing whether she has moulted in the last few days or is about to :/
  13. Gizalba

    Is there anything I can do about this?

    Thanks very much! All my other terrestrial slings are in shallower containers however because Aurora was bigger I put her in this 32oz to give her a more space to dig which was meant to be temporary while I found a better enclosure, however she then disappeared and never came back up. I am...
  14. Gizalba

    Heteropoda javana egg sack

    Sorry for the delay, these are the best ventral shots I have of her so far - may not be clear enough? Thanks.
  15. Gizalba

    Ping Pong Balls.

    I woke up today to find that Nymphadora had scored a goal ahaha :P So I may indeed sign her up for a basket ball team ;) The arrow points to where I left it last night after I cleaned poo off it lol.