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Recent content by Gizalba

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    This is my life now... making music videos for spiders :P

    Hehehe. Starring Nefertiti, my Phidippus regius female.
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    Help: Heating dilemma.

    This confuses me. I definitely agree with '2) Never, ever allow the tarantulas' primary cages or containers to come into direct contact with the heat source! Actually, "not even close" would be an even better rule.' However I can't bring myself to not worry about temperature at all. I can...
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    Ventral sexing of Tlitocatl albopilosus?

    Hi, I know these pictures aren't great but it's the best I can do at the moment. Misty has decided to bury her moult right at the bottom of her burrow so I have no hope of getting it :P The question is, is Misty a male? ;) Any predictions based on these photos are welcome if possible.
  4. Allegro


    My beautiful Neoholothele incei (gold) Allegro a few days after her moult :) Her and Mika are contending for 'best eater' award ;)
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    What type of Goliath birdeater is this? Shes in premolt

    Beautiful tarantula :) I am not experienced enough to answer the questions but I did think it was one cambridgei looking Goliath! :P Thank you very much for sorting her out @Jdcuppycake2020! Sounds like you are on the right track, Your bf really didn't do his research :/
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    Tattoo Ink Cups for water dishes

    Thanks so much for this idea! :) I hadn't actually come across it before. For my slings I first used pill capsule holder things but then they leaked. So I got some of the below micro bowls but after a while they would seem to leak too, or soak the water up or something, maybe due to the resin...
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    m.balfouri , GBB, pink bird eater

    The Spider Shop also have this covered on their FAQ page ahaha ;) I love too that they have Operation Racoon as a delivery option, presumably for if you have the above problem. Your partner might start getting suspicious if you 'win' too many spider competitions though... :P
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    m.balfouri , GBB, pink bird eater

    Thanks for that info! :) I also wondered as I had never seen a £30 gimp box on there either. The £60 gimp box on the specials seems to have appeared again currently if anyone was interested :)
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    Huntsman spider care

    Thank you for that info! :)
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    Huntsman spider care

    Hi, I have recently got a Heteropoda javana named Lorax. However I cannot find much information online on how to care for them, beyond the species info on the Spider Shop website. In particular I wondered whether it is advisable to give true spiders of this size a water dish? Her leg-span is...
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    Feelings about buying/ordering/trading Tarantulas online.

    Thanks very much for sharing your experiences! I have no plan to breed or swap but I found it interesting to read anyway. I am sorry to hear about the second experience :( I don't think you are in the wrong. It should not have been listed as captive bred if it was wild caught :(
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    Fake plants

    That is a great price for the plants. Maybe some of the non-webber terrestrials don't care, but I personally feel those who do lots of webbing and could do with anchor points do care! :P They can also make good hiding places.
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    Fake plants

    Thanks for this, will check out the-range! :) I got some from the pound shop, gave them rinse and dry before putting them in. They only had a few remains of white fake flowers from the summer season, so I also got some red flowers from the Christmas section :) >
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    Enclosure for sub-adult Avic avicularia

    Thanks for that example! :)
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    Enclosure for sub-adult Avic avicularia

    Hi, I am wanting to get a sub-adult Avicularia avicularia. Seeing as they need good cross-ventilation, I wondered what type of enclosure is best. The following are my two options so far (I have found it very hard to find an enclosure that is both front opening and has plenty of...