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  1. Ghost

    Any one in the UK going to the y.I. s?

    I'm going and looking forward to this as it's the first show of 2016 that I can make without having to stay over for the night....
  2. Ghost

    Enclosure for new T stirmi

    Congrats on the new sling,nice looking enclosure I'm sure he will be very happy in there. Is that the T.stirmi slings that TSS have in stock just now? I was thinking of ordering one along with a P.vorax, as it's been a few years since I've had a stirmi sling and would be fun to raise one again......
  3. Ghost

    Do you know what tarantula this is?

    It's a H.maculata,Here's a pic of my female for comparison. As your new to the hobby please be carefull with this T as there lightning fast and you don't want to get bitten by them as that would ruin your week for sure....
  4. Ghost

    Moderator Nominations

    I actually have three names that I would nominate to be mods provided they would be willing to do it. They are @Scoolman,@[email protected] one or all of them would make excellent mods IMO,As they are all level-headed are always happy to answer questions and are very knowledgeable when it...
  5. Ghost

    DISASTER! :(

    I personally wouldn't risk feeding with tweezers just in case you damage her fangs I would just offer pre-killed.....
  6. Ghost

    DISASTER! :(

    I'm glad to hear that's she's still hanging on hopefully she'll make it to the next moult and will be fighting fit again,I'll keep my fingers crossed for you both and remember T's are a lot more hardier than most people think.....
  7. Ghost

    P. Muticus likes being sealed up...normal?

    +1 For what Nicolas C said,the only thing I would add is althought P.muticas is the second largest Baboon Tarantula in Africa their very slow growers,therefore don't get to worried if your T dosent take food every time you offer it as long as you offer food every week then it will eat when it's...
  8. Ghost

    Hello from Slovakia

    Hi welcome to the forum and the addictive world of T keeping, If your looking for a good online source for T's and since your in Slovakia then I recommend http://www.spidersworld.eu/en/spiders Their in Poland and I have used them in the past and have never had any problems the T's have all been...
  9. Ghost

    GBB , moisture or no moisture?

    I keep all my GBB's on dry substrate and a water dish no spraying misting what so ever and there all doing fine,As long as you keep the water dish full at al times then that takes care of humidity but don't get hung up on the percentages GBB's don't really need a lot of humidity anything...
  10. Ghost

    P. carpenteri enclosure progression.

    Great work Therasoid very nice looking enclosure as always. Is that cholla wood you have in the first enclosure? I've thought about using it in some of my arboreal sling enclosures but haven't try it yet......
  11. Ghost

    DISASTER! :(

    I have used superglue a couple of times on my T's over the years. The best way I have found to apply the glue is to use a plastic drinking straw and only use a very small amount of glue over the wound,this way the glue drys in a minute or so and by only using a small amount it helps prevent any...
  12. Ghost

    Versicolor for my 4th T ?

    Yes their plastic,I really like them for my Avics as their nice and clear so you can see the T and their easy to put ventilation holes in......
  13. Ghost

    Versicolor for my 4th T ?

    @bookac,I use these's for all my Avics they come in different sizes so can be used for juveniles and adults. I get mine from eBay in the UK and can be bought singalarly or in bulk.....
  14. Ghost

    New tarantula

    Any of the brachys would be excellent for your next addition,their easy to keep and all of mine are great feeders,plus every collection should have at least one of the brachys in it. Here's some pics of my three favourite brachys in my collection..... B.baumgarteni B.annitha B.albiceps
  15. Ghost

    Another sling Q?

    Slings require more moisture than their adult counterparts,I keep my dry species slings on slightly moist substrate,and don't let them dry out completely I also give a water dish to all my slings and I gut load my feeders for 24hrs before feeding time as slings get most of their moisture from...