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  1. Fleas

    Aggressive Golden Chaco Knee

    This turned me on a little bit ;)
  2. Fleas

    Aggressive Golden Chaco Knee

    More webbing then normal, not eating, drinking more water, darkening of the butt area were they kick hair at(forget what it’s called) and more skittish
  3. Fleas

    Aggressive Golden Chaco Knee

    Lol poking T’s with a paint brush and asking where the aggression came from lmao :p
  4. Fleas

    Free MM B Albopilosum

    Casey k took him along time ago and it seems like she took away the thank on this thread
  5. Fleas

    US MM. phormictopus sp.green

  6. phormictopus sp green

    phormictopus sp green

    good looking
  7. Fleas

    US MM. phormictopus sp.green

  8. Fleas

    US MM. phormictopus sp.green

    just hook out. bought from paul becker years ago hmu if any body has a female for him
  9. Fleas

    What would you do?

    If it was me I would send him off to make baby's :T:
  10. Fleas

    Do Avicularias become more calm when they grow up?!

    Sorry I thought I read that in there to answer some of your??? Yes male's tend to be more docile /skittish/ less aggressive then female when reach their final molt and yes having a empty enclosure affect them they tend to be more out in the open when there lot of spaces to hide/ web to. I...
  11. Fleas

    Do Avicularias become more calm when they grow up?!

    Most likely she skittish because she's stress out from handling and no were to build her home. She's needs way more then just sticks in her enclosure give her a good piece of cork bark standing vertical with plastic plants for she can make her home and feel secure. Add lots of cross ventilation...
  12. Fleas

    Homoeoma sp Fire

    There one of the most docile T's I have. Always pondering and exploring around in its enclosure, super active always in view. When you open there enclosure they want to get out of there to say what's up. The only time I ever seen aggression from them was when they meet with the MM during mating
  13. Fleas

    B. Albopilosum (native/true form)

    :) did you see the price I can't believe we getting them cheaper over here then across See's
  14. Fleas

    Help! Is My Chaco golden knee slingsling dead?

    I picture of him now would be great. That hight seems not deadly o_O. Might have gotten no water sense his last molt, cotton balls for water is way old school. I keep water bowl in all my T's enclosure